Review – Is It A Paying HYIP Or Ponzi Scheme?

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 9%-12% Daily Forever. The website claims that they make these profits by being professionals on the cryptocurrency market as well as mining for Bitcoin.

We can officially say that these claims are lies and Bitdragon scam has given no proof to verify any of these claims. We will explain everything below, but please do not be fooled into thinking this is a legitimate company, they are not! Scam Exposed!

Before you join any HYIP site you should always examine carefully the credentials of the site to see if they are real or not. This includes looking at the owner, the address, the business regulations and registration, as well as seeing what other users are saying!

Who is the owner of scam?

The owner of this site has chosen not to reveal his name to his investors. If you follow our blog you will know that this is 100% sign of a scam in progress. A legitimate site will have a proud owner with a real name standing behind it. The owner of the Bitdragon scam isn’t even man enough to show his face!

Is Bitdragon scam regulated or registered?

The business name of Bit Dragon Ltd seems to hold a business registration in the UK, however, this license is purchased online and has nothing to do with whether the business works or not. Anyone can purchase a license in order to file their taxes, without actually having a true business. scam is NOT regulated. They carry no regulations from any financial authority, which means they are operating outside the legal atmosphere and are not being monitored or checked by anyone at all. This carries a huge risk.

Bitdragon Ltd scam location?

The address listed is 50 Hatton Garden London (UK) EC1N 8YS

This is the address of a privately owned flat with no connection to scam. This is yet another proof that this site has no interest in giving you any real details.

We believe the real location for this scam is somewhere in Russia. Most of the recent HYIP frauds have come from Russia, and we believe it is a huge problem right now.

Bitdragon HYIP Scam Facts

The site claims to be comprised of trading professionals that have a long successful trading history. We couldn’t find any proof to back this up. A legitimate trading site will have plenty of trading history to show!

Luring the newbie traders with several fancy financial words like using the best and most advanced mining instruments to provide service, is a lie. When we asked the customer support to provide us with a little bit of an information about those instruments, they knew nothing.

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that there are no human beings sitting behind the customer support panel of the Bit Dragon Limited HYIP scam. Interesting! Isn’t it? There are pre-programmed chatbots having the ability to communicate with those who happen to fall prey to their conniving tactics and false claims.

Not even a single financial strategy which has been posted on their glitchy website is true. For instance, they claim that the investors will earn on daily basis with not a single percent chance of losing.

This is nothing but a lie and should never be believed. No investment can earn daily forever without any risk unless that investment is insured. The investments at Bit Dragon scam are NOT insured, therefore they are lying when they make these claims.

Bitdragon Scam: Ponzi Scheme!

Here, we remember a quotation from the maker of the notorious Ponzi Scheme in which he claimed that the return will always be bigger and better. The Bit Dragon Limited HYIP scam is basically an offspring of the same Ponzi Scheme due to which several corrupt billionaires are behind bars like Bernie Madoff and the rest.

Whenever a new start-up is launched, there is a separate page which clearly shows the efforts which were made in order to reach here. There should be a team page on which the distinguished efforts of the team members are mentioned.

No such page can be found on the website of the Bitdragon scam. Another trap which has been laid by the scam artists to rob off your pockets is by posting the contacts of the representative which can be contacted in time of need for assistance. They have been named as representatives.

We tried on clicking on each and every contact in hope of getting a reply back but after a continuous effort of 48 hours, we gave up and now we are also including it to strengthen our claim that, Yes, scam is nothing but a blunt attempt to rip you off your assets!

Is Paying?

Despite what many popular blogs are claiming, is NOT paying. They have been documented paying out the first couple of small withdrawals, but then stop paying by the third attempt. Many people have had their account closed when they sought help from the customer support.

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Is a Scam?

It is clear that is a scam that should be banished immediately. Unfortunately, as with all other HYIP scams, thousands of you will lose your money and then run directly into another HYIP scam to try and recover your losses.

Before you end up in this vicious cycle, please send us a message and we’ll help you determine which sites are real!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!