Review – Another Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence

Stop whatever you are doing and read our complete Review! This viral new HYIP is blowing up, and going viral. We are predicting it will have reached several thousand members by the end of next week! This HYIP is nothing but a malicious scam and you need to read the evidence before you invest!

We are currently collecting user data for Bitcy scam. Please message us ASAP and tell us what has happened to your Bitcoin after you signed up!

How can you help? We need your help! Please share this post on all your social media accounts to help spread the word that Bitcy is a scam! The only way to stop them is by educating all new investors that this scam will make them lose their entire investment!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers and 8 different ROI plans ranging from 0.16% Hourly to 7000% after 100 days (the program won’t even last 100 days). The site claims that their massive profits come from the skilled hands of professional cryptocurrency traders. You can read more about this FAKE team below!

Before we join or recommend any HYIP, we carefully examine the claims to see if they are legitimate. More often than not we find missing information, lies, and manipulative tactics at every turn. Bitcy scam is one of the nicer websites we’ve come across which made us take a special interest.

However, we were quickly disappointed when we discovered all the same cheap tactics used by every other Russian scam we’ve seen in the past year! These Russian scammers are never satisfied, they just keep coming back for more of your money! HYIP Scam Facts

The most important part of any financial investment is how safe it is for you. Is safe to invest with? The answer to that is NO! Bitcy HYIP is NOT regulated. This means that no financial authority is monitoring them to make sure they pay you. Nobody has checked out their credentials to make sure they are real traders.

In reality, scam is NOT even trading at all! Their team of traders is fake. They have offered no proof to show that any trades have taken place. A true HYIP that trades will show you a large amount of verified trading history with gains and losses fully accounted for. You won’t find any proof like that on HYIP scam!

Here are the red flags of the Ponzi scam!

1. Richard Lestor is NOT the owner!

If you click on the “About Us” tab on the website you’ll find a large section of faces and names. This is the “team” of cryptocurrency traders the website boasts about. We did some checking into the photos and names and came up with a big fat zero. Fake Owner

None of these names and pictures are real. The photos are altered images taken from google and changed ever so slightly as to trick readers. The names are completely fake. We can’t find any legal information regarding Richard Lestor and scam anywhere online. If this man is actually connected to the website, he’s gone to great lengths to keep his name out of the legal documentation.

2. Fake address!

The website lists 150 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom, W1S 2TU as the official office of HYIP. Fake address

This is 100% false and an outright lie. This address belongs to a high-end jewelry store Miu Miu. This is not merely an oversite on the behalf of the owner. This is a deliberate attempt to lie and manipulate YOU into thinking they have a real location.

In reality, these scammers most likely live in Russia or close by. We traced the website through as many channels as we could get access to and the closest we got was a Russian origin. However, the owner is anonymous, so this makes prosecuting him truly impossible without traveling and hiring private investigators.

Is Paying?

As of our last official intellegince gathering, we have concluded that is paying some members and withholding withdrawals from other members. Why is this? When a member deposits a large sum of money, they will give that person small withdrawals to encourage them to deposit even more money.

When that member decides not to redeposit, they will stop paying them, and keep their remaining balance as their own profit.

As we mentioned above, Bitcy scam is not really trading. So where do they earn money from? They are earning money by taking a large percentage of the deposits and using another smaller percentage to pay a few small withdrawals. This is called a Ponzi scheme. is a Ponzi scam!

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Is a Scam?

It is quite clear that is a scam that originates in Russia. They have taken great care to create a beautiful and interactive website to attract as many new investors as possible. Don’t be fooled by their lies.

They have a fake CEO as well as a fake address. Nothing about this company is real. Please share this post on social media to help spread the word!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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  • Haha! Nice one Adonis. You know these ” Support” agents are actually a 3rd party company, they do not know anything about Bitcy. The same guy could be talking to you from multiple HYIPs with different names.


    These SCAMMERS from are the same THIEVES from RAZZLETON!!!!! Be carefull!!!!!!! They stole more than 100 million!!!!!!!