Review – Dummy Hyip Scam Exposed

If you are thinking of joining another HYIP, you need to read our Review. This new viral HYIP claims to be a bitcoin mining site that delivers returns of up to 15% daily! This seems too good to be true, which is why it is so important for you to understand the reality behind these false promises.

Don’t be too discouraged! is NOT paying, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other legitimate programs to get involved with! We will introduce you to our favorite top paying sites below!

In the meantime, if you are currently an investor with Bitcosmos HYIP, please send us a message and tell us about your experience. We can also help you come up with solutions if you have lost your money!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 12%-15% Daily Forever. There is no expiration time, as they claim your one-time investment has the power to continue earning forever. This is a pretty ludicrous notion. Anyone who has dealt with HYIPs or other online investments can honestly tell you that no investment can earn “forever”.

Note: Make sure to also stay away from Scam

There are plenty of clear signs that Bitcosmos is a scam. You simply need to keep an open mind while examining the site and don’t allow yourself to be tricked or manipulated by the scheming lies on the site! Keep reading as we explain and showcase several facts that prove you can not and should not trust scam!

The Facts: Is Paying?, is trying to gather the attention of traders who are hungry for BitCoin or any other cryptocurrency. So, before you are one of those who cry over the another scam, let’s show you the real face of this company and then it’ll be up to you to decide. Without dragging it any further, the bottom-line is, “ is a dangerously untraceable scam.”

You read it right! Shielding itself behind the armor of cryptocurrency and only portraying itself as a company only made for the mining of BitCoin and scam artists posing themselves as the “good guys”, we have investigated it all and extracted the conclusion that, in an already well-endowed file of financial scams, the scam is contributing in making it even more thicker.

Without further ado, let’s have a look as how the scam is looting your bank accounts and cashing out your credit cards without you even knowing it.

Out of over 100 people that have messaged us in the last week, we can safely say that is Paying! However, they only pay the first small withdrawal and after that, they will never pay again. They have also been harassing new investors to make large investments in order to unlock their earnings. If they are telling this to you, don’t believe them!

Scam Features of Scam

Here are some of the most ill-conceived scam features of scam which are going to get exposed in this section:

Fake Authentication Certificate

When a company gets registered, there is a mark allotted to it which is usually pasted on the website. Those marks show whether this company is a “Registered” company or a “Trademark” company.

The authentication certificate snapshot which you can see on the website of scam is nothing but a bullsh*t certificate that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can buy it for less than $50.

it means absolutely nothing. In fact, this certificate itself can be used as a proof that they are running this website to scam everyone.

Fake Affiliate Program Resembles Ponzi Scheme

Beware, traders, the program which is being advertised on the website of scam is not an affiliate program at all. For your information, an affiliate program gives every affiliate a fixed amount and there is no further deduction even the affiliation extends to three or four levels.

Our team of investigators has found out that, this stupid scam promises to give the affiliate at level one, a fixed amount but when the same affiliation program extends further, the amount starts decreasing.

Is Bitcosmos a Ponzi Scheme?

Where does all the money go? The answer is, the underlying principle of scam is the notorious Ponzi Scheme.

In this scheme, money from new investors is taken to feed the pockets of older investors and it goes on till the target amount is achieved. Soon after target amount achievement, the scam artists escape.

Promises are being made to give 5% on the first level and 1% on the second level. The rest of the 4% are then transferred to the older investors which tells us what? Nothing else than stating the obvious that scam is a ploy of the Ponzi Scheme in a bit polished manner.

More Red Flags!

Navigating the Bitcosmos website is a lot harder than it should be.

The scam artists of this belligerent scam have literally made a mockery of the web development field of computer science by not only pasting unnecessary stuff over the website but also such widgets which are totally dysfunctional.

It’s a simple strategy that when you have nothing to do with the investors, why would you bother to hire a professional developer to do this task? As an example, just try out the so-called customer support widget on the website and you will come to know that it is totally inconsistent and dysfunctional.

Even though it is offline, the auto-bots are still replying. Apart from this, there are following other bugs related to this scam for instance:

The support page is not designed.
Rules are not specified.
The news page has no content even we tried VPN still it had no information.
The social media widgets are dun-clickable and dysfunctional.
No social media existence even when we checked manually.
Not any information about how the money is going to be made or how the investors are going to withdraw the money.

The BEST Paying Websites!

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Is a Scam?
After concluding our research we can officially say that is a scam.

Cryptocurrency is the dawn of the new age and there are many future prospects hidden somewhere in it. But the problem is, the right platform is not the scam.

You will be scammed right away before you even know it and you won’t even have the change to get back on your knees.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • ‘J’ Canaan Greene

    They are, indeed, a registered company in the U.K. and all their information checks out.. Maybe it’s a scam, but maybe not..

    • Canaan, are you the low life admin of this scam website? Regardless, The authentication certificate snapshot which you can see on the website of scam is nothing but a bullsh*t certificate that ANYONE from ANYWHERE can buy it for less than $50.

      You can trick the naive investors with this crap. We will always blacklist any hyip that is operating based on a Ponzi scheme plan.

      If you believe we are wrong about this, You may email us with proofs of your mining & trading as you claim on your website. But we both know there isn’t any proof. It’s just a scam!

      • Eld

        Canaan is most likely an HYIP shill. Most of his posts are about convincing people that various HYIPs arent scams.

  • Tim Hamilton

    Yeah its a scam. I was able to make 3 withdraws. 5 days waiting for responses form support and admin emails. Got like 10% of my money back. Stay away from them. If anyone has any advice on a way to go about getting my money back or getting the authorities on them I would appreciate it.

  • Michael

    We are in the same boat as Tim. We were able to do 4 withdrawls and now we have been waiting for support to get back to us. There facebook page as well has been taken down. We would also like to find away to get our money back. I also called their phone number they have on their website, they are suppose to be a UK company however when I called the number, it comes up as Irving Texas, United States on my cell phone??? Definitely a SCAM!!!!!

  • Chintan Thakkar

    I was able to quite few withdrawals. But suddenly from 9-Oct-2017, all withdrawal requests were going to ‘Pending’ status. I dropped an email to their support but there is no luck. It is a SCAM. stay away! Please let me know if you can help me to get back my money any way.

  • Adi Aizuddin

    I was real unlucky, join this cause my friend said he manage to withdraw everyday. Ive join suddenly the next day, found out it was a scam site… whyy.. $15 is a lot when you are broke…im dead

  • John Goddard

    I jumped-in on this HYIP in the first days, with a small invest. I was getting payments out ok, and had just reached the 10 day mark and returned my initial investment. I then decided to invest big, and then it all went bad the next day. I have chased the domain registrant, but have not been able to get any ‘real’ contact info. I suspect someone with connections & assistance from US law enforcement could get some more details to help track down people behind this scam…

  • Eld

    I put $120 with them and was receiving %10 a day for 3 days. After that, my withdrawal requests went unanswered and I have yet to get a payout. I left a message and sent their admin an email. After two days I sent a slightly more colorful email. Still nothing. Bitcosmos is a scam and I hope karma catches up to the cunts who run it.

  • rajeev bhosle

    Well I lost around $300 in bitcosmos! And my account is still showing the profit earnings