Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In details

Before you invest in the 2nd worst scam of the year, you need to read our full Review! Our report proves that Bitconcept is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. You deserve to hear the truth before you sign up and lose more of your Bitcoin.

If you are already working on this site, please send us your experience. Most of you will end up losing all of your Bitcoin. If you are lucky, you might get paid your first withdrawal before they steal the rest of your balance!

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Official Website:

Note: make sure to stay away from Scam as well. Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers and ROI (return on investment) ranging between 8%-13% Daily Forever. The site claims that they are a sophisticated Bitcoin mining facility that has locations all over the world. They also want us to believe that they are expert cryptocurrency traders.

There is one glaring problem with all of these claims! We’ve heard them before. Just yesterday we exposed the scam. If you are familiar with that scam you will be able to recognize that scam and Bitcosmos scam are one and the same. Their website designs and claims are identical. Their earnings and affiliate program are also identical!

Missing Information!

Just like the copycat Bitcoin mining scam that we busted yesterday, the scam has no known owner. Whoever is behind this website has chosen to remain completely anonymous.

Why would you ever choose to trust someone with your money when that same person doesn’t even trust you enough to tell you his real name? This is ludicrous. DO NOT give your personal information to a site that is not transparent with you. When you lose your money who will you report to the police if you don’t even know who he is?

Unregulated Scam! HYIP is NOT regulated. This means that no financial authority is watching over it and nobody is protecting your and your money. DO NOT join any unregulated trading or mining site because your investment is not protected.

There is only one good reason why a HYIP would not be regulated and this is because they intend upon scamming you. Your investment is 100% NOT protected and when they take your money and close their website, you will be left with thousands of others, empty-handed.

Quote from the Wise

A wise man once said that, “Once a liar, always a liar.” Of course, this maxim still holds for today and being from an industry where scams are most likely to happen almost every day, we have transformed the maxim into “Once a scam artist, always a scam artist.”

Another personality factor which is found to be common in the scam artists is their stupidity and lack of knowledge. Of course, their ignorance is a blessing to people like us who are working to take down such heinous scams every other day.

Website Malfunctions! Bitconcept Scam Exposed!

1. No Login Page

On the website, there is a button which lets the traders to log in after depositing the amount from the same account. After the amount has been submitted, the users are then redirected to the logout page.

Soon after you try to log in, there is no sign-in page at all. You are only left with the hope which is given to you by the fake auto-bot which is telling you to calm down by prompting time and again.

You are made to believe that this is some kind of an internet issue but it’s not like that. The privilege of even getting to the sign-in page is taken away from the victims. Here is an example of that page which scammed one of our diligent readers who then forwarded us with this screenshot. Scam

At the same time, when you access the website, it can easily be accessed but without login page.

2. Fake Programming Logics Explained on Site

According to the scam artists, their so-called “programmers” have developed such an amazing financial algorithm which always gives you the profits and never bids or trades when it knows that you are going to lose.

There is no such algorithm in computer logic which is capable of such bullshit. Even the latest and most advanced algorithms cannot predict a trade up to 100% accuracy. There is always a room for error but the scam artists of scam are too stubborn to admit and too ignorant to defend it properly. Fake Information

3. No proof of Bitcoin mining facilities.

Despite claiming over and over again that they have some of the best Bitcoin mining facilities in the world, they have failed to show any proof of them. We don’t believe that they are mining or trading at all.

The owner of this site is the same owner of the viral and disgusting Bitcosmos that is also lying about having BTC mining stations! Don’t believe these lies. They have no proof of any of this. Why would they obscure so much proof from you if they want you to trust them? They are lame scam artists with no head.

Is Paying?

We have been collecting information from this fake mining site for several weeks now. We first heard about them when one of our readers messaged and said they have lost money after having their account closed without any warning. This was the first red flag. Sure enough, we’ve been contacted by several other readers that also lost their BTC.

However, we have also seen some other people withdraw money. In cases like this, we believe the company is paying their top affiliation commissions in order to encourage those users to keep attracting more clients. It is the average investor without many referrals that end up losing his money. Don’t be one of them!

The BEST Paying Websites!

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Is a Scam?

After seeing countless fraudulent websites come and go, it is clear that is a Scam. Do not trust them. Do not invest with them! Warn your family and friends to stay away from them! Share this article on all your social media accounts to help spread the message!

If you need any help with investment advice or you just want to say hi, please send us a message! We’ll be happy to talk with you!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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  • Eld

    I personally lost money with bitcosmos. After 3 days, day 15 of their operations, my payouts stopped completely and for 4 days my balance hasnt grown. Nothing but a scam FUCK bitcosmos.