BitcoLabs Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

Welcome to our comprehensive and complete BitcoLabs Review. We have taken the time and effort into investigating this HYIP in order to protect you from being scammed. If you are already working with this HYIP, please contact us immediately and share your experience.

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BitcoLabs Review

BitcoLabs Review

BitcoLabs is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) that ranges between 200%-250% in as little as 20 days. They claim that this money is coming from the profits generated by their advanced team of stock market traders. We will bust this lie WIDE open.

As we investigated this scam, we came to the fast conclusion that is scam. Why? Let’s examine the evidence!

The Team

As you would expect from a scam like this, they fail to provide any details about the owner or “team” of traders. They have NO names or faces for us to track down. This is a classic example of how every single HYIP scam acts.

If they were so successful, they should have no problem revealing the name and identities of their CEO. But they have chosen not to.

TIP: Would you trust a stranger on the street with your money? What if he refused to tell you his name but he promised to give you money? Hopefully, you would recognize this as a scam artist. The same is always true for websites! No names? NO TRUST!

Furthermore, BitcoLabs scam has not given any proof that they trade or invest in anything at all. All we have is a long list of lies without any real proof.

Legally Registered US Company

BitcoLabs HYIP has just told another stupid lie. They are NOT registered in the US. This is bogus. We are 99.9% sure that they are not even Americans. The English and grammar on the site are severely lacking. What little they wrote on their own (most of it is plagiarized from other scam sites) is terrible English. Don’t be fooled by their claim to be American. They are NOT American.
Spam Facebook Group

If you check out their Facebook group you will see it is full of fake members. For those of you that don’t know, there are packages you can buy for a low price that buys you fake “likes” from Facebook accounts. This means that if you started a Facebook group you could buy 5000 Facebook likes and have it done within five minutes.

The Facebook group for HYIP is completely fake. The only comments are from members pushing their referral link. It is also clear that they are using copy and paste comments that all say exactly the same fake comment. This is nothing but total garbage. Don’t fall for it!

Fake NBC and Forbes Endorsements

BitcoLabs HYIP has an advertisement that shows NBC and Forbes as being supporters of their scam. This is also ANOTHER lie. Forbes and NBC have never mentioned this fake investment scam and will never.

Nothing says “SCAM” quite like fake endorsement buttons from NBC and Forbes. These scammer hacks are really really trying to garner your trust. In the process, they are making fools of themselves! The sad fact is that many people will believe this crap and lose their money.

Fake Address

Here we have yet another lie from the scam. The address listed on their site is 1458 Market Street, San Francisco, CA. I don’t know how many of you have been to San Fran, but I can assure you that this address is a shopping mall with restaurants like McDonald’s and other fast-food stops. This is NOT a business district and certainly not the location of the BitcoLabs scam!

It is very common for scam websites to invent a completely fraudulent address, but this scam has actually used a REAL address. Too bad they picked a shopping mall instead of an actual office building.

User Reviews: Is Paying?

This site has been online for a little over 2 months now and quickly gaining more and more members. Why? Let’s talk about how they will scam you! In order for you to protect yourself, you need to understand how these scams operate.

The first few months after going online, they will pay. They pay all first withdrawals to all accounts. This money is coming directly from other members who deposit. This is called the Ponzi scheme. After they have paid the first withdrawals, people believe they are legitimate and deposit a larger sum of money. This money is immediately stolen.

As members come to realize they are being scammed on their second deposit, they stop joining and the site loses popularity. When the team of scammers realizes this, they collect the remaining funds and close the website down. This is happening every single day to thousands of people. Don’t be one of them!

As we predicted, we have heard from several members who are waiting on that second withdrawal that will never come. BitcoLabs is NOT paying.

How To Earn?

Don’t be too discouraged! Even though there are thousands of online financial scams, it is important to know that some sites are truly paying. We recommend to check out our favorite earning site, CM Trading. It is a regulated and transparent site that always pays. Please email us if you want instructions on how to sign up to get our traders!

Another site to test is IQ Options. This is not as good as CM Trading, but it’s still fun. You can read our review and tell us what you think! We love to hear from our readers!

Is BitcoLabs a Scam?

After examining all the clear evidence and showing all the lies, we have no hesitation in saying that BitcoLabs is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Don’t trust them. Don’t give them your money and run away while you still can!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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