Bitcoin Trader Review – Crypto Trading Robot Scam Exposed

Before you lose your money to another binary options scam, please read our Bitcoin Trader Review! Included in this review is a detailed explanation of everything you need to know in order to stop this scam from victimizing you!

Our experts reviewed that platform and found out some alarming facts which we will be sharing with you today. Keep in mind that our Bitcoin Trader Review states that it is a fake software which steals your money as soon as you put it on auto-trading mode.

It’s not too late! If you have already lost your money with this scam, please contact us today so we can help you get your money back! We have already helped several of our readers and they successfully reclaimed their money!

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Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader Review

Bitcoin Trader is a cryptocurrency scam that was just released a few months ago. During the last few months, it has gone viral, scamming thousands of people out of their saved Bitcoin! The auto trader promises that you will make a minimum of $13,000 each trading day just by clicking a few buttons.

This is a typical “get rich quick” scheme that has nothing but lies and manipulations to sell you. It should be obvious to all of you reading this that NOBODY can promise you $13,000 each day, much less an automated robot that trades cryptocurrency. However, it seems like many people love to believe the impossible and rush to sign up, losing their deposit before the end of the work week.

Don’t let yourself become thier next victim! Please look over the overwhelming evidence that we found when we investigated the Bitcoin Trader scam!

Bitcoin Trader Scam Exposed

There are many things and we will bust them one by one in this bitcoin trader review.

Misleading Ticker in the Navigation bar:

Bitcoin Trader Ticker

Bitcoin Trader misleading

Heading on straight to the review, I would go step by step. See the top navigation bar, they have used an algorithm which detects your country name and then shows you some localized names stating that they just earned X$.

However, this is totally fake. Just use a VPN and you will see that the same pictures are flashed with localized names to trick you. Be aware of this.

Look at the ticker closely, same picture with different names. Totally, a Bitcoin Trader scam!


Fake Video!

Fake Video of Bitcoin Trader

Now move down to the video and the taglines they used. It states that ‘See what famous people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson have to say’. If you read this line and then see the video, it feels like they are discussing the Bitcoin Trader.

However, if you replay the video and look closely, you will see that The Bitcoin Trader merged Bitcoin Trader rip-offclips of the news bulletins to make it feel like it is one video and all the experts are recommending it. This is not the case.

The CEO of Google just commented on what is a bitcoin in clear words, that it is a remarkable cryptographic achievement’. He was not recommending you to buy bitcoins from The Bitcoin Trader.

See the screenshot, the image used is watermarked ‘Getty Images’ which is a stock image site. Thus, we exposed the bitcoin trader scam.


Baseless Claims

Performance level: Then they said that ‘there is no other app that performs at 99.4% level’. This claim is not backed by any fact or source. Talking technically, app performance is quite a subjective term as there are a lot of factors involved like UI/UX, the coding logic used etc. Which factors they chose to make that claim is unknown which makes this statement dubious.

Superior Technology: Next they talk about superior technology. Again there are baseless claims like ‘most advanced programming the trading world has ever seen’.

Number One App? The Bitcoin trader’s fakeness can be simply understood by the statement where they claimed that they are number one trading app and have won an award by the US Trading Association for the Software category.

The Bitcoin Trader Fraud

You would be amazed to know that no such body exists. There are more than 100 trade associations in US and only two deals in software. Their names are Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and Recreational Software Advisory Council (ESAC) and none of them has given any such award to a bitcoin trader ever as they deal in only gaming software.

Lastly, our bitcoin trader review highlights this fact that why ‘The Bitcoin Trader’ never even mentioned that in which year where was this award given and to whom? If it was such a revolutionary award, why isn’t there any video present on their website OR on the entire internet?

It is clearly is a case of bitcoin trader scam.


Bitcoin Trader Reviews!

Fraud Team

The images used in the reviews section are all stock images with fake names. We checked thoroughly, there was never an investor with 10 year experience named Earnest I.

No physical address

Then the site has a list of FAQ’s to convince you and lure you in so that you put in your 250$ and lose them instantly. What we want you to think is that if this is such a high profit company with so much high returns then why they don’t have an office?

Don’t you think that if it was legitimate then they would have had an office as big as Google by now as their users are earning 13,000 USD per day.

This is how you bust a bitcoin trader scam.


New site and fake address

Once you signup, they redirect you to a completely new site’s dashboard which says ‘’.

The Bitcoin Trader Scam

Scroll down to the end and see that the address given is as follows

Bayline Trading Limited
Withfield Tower, 4792 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize

Just google the address you will see that this address corresponds to Advanced Cash limited.

Stealing your personal info

Bitcoin Trader Steals your personal identity

When you click on documents tab, you will see that they are asking for your personal information using which they can take away everything from you. You can’t even sue them in court as they have added a disclaimer in the footer stating that whatever you are doing, is at your own risk.

We strongly advise you not to fall in this trap and use only trusted sites.

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Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

It should be clear by now that Bitcoin Trader is a scam. We recommend you never join any unregulated broker or trading system that promises returns that are too impossible to be real!

Please contact us for any help getting your money back as well as investment advice!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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