Bitcoin Code Review – Is It A Scam Auto Trader? Find Out!

Everyone wants to find a reliable Bitcoin investment, but you absolutely need to read our Bitcoin Code Review before investing! We have dug up all the dirt about this nasty scam in order to save you from losing your money! Bitcoin Code is NOT a HYIP or Ponzi scheme. However, it is a trading scam that should be shut down immediately.

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Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code Review

Looks like another money-hungry binary options scam is out there in the market and before it knocks at your bank account, let’s expose it. According to today’s Financial Times report, BitCoin has crossed the mighty $5000 mark and is on the spree to become more and more financially strong. 

Little did the poor investors know that not every agency out there is a legit BitCoin trading firm. Out of a hundred companies out there, quite a few may be legit. We are receiving emails about another binary options scam which claims to give the traders Insane Returns by grabbing your money in cash and returning to you the profits in BitCoin. 

Sadly, it gathers the money and steals it all! In our latest binary options scam review, we are going to unveil the heinous traps laid down by the scam artists of a BitCoin Code Scam.

What is the Bitcoin Code Scam?

We hope you remember the days when our blog was full of the exclusive articles which contained the content about binary options scam, consider Bitcoin Code scam another one above those all. Initially, the investors thought to give this scam a real try in order to check as to whether it works or not. But soon after investing their precious $250, they came to find out that they are scammed. That’s when our esteemed traders turned to us, after facing dejection and after being face-palmed. 

Now, answering the actual question, the BitCoin Code scam seems to be the work of another con artist who allegedly introduces himself by the name of Steve McKay who has now become a millionaire, but before claims to be a Software Engineer, and all this, we hear in the audio which is running at the background of his fake introduction video.  

Why BitCoin Code is a Scam? 

While hunting hundreds of scams down the road, we have come to develop a strong theory that no matter how smart a con artist is, he is sure to have followed a pattern which was devised by his predecessor. And this is something which our readers need to know that the Bitcoin Code scam is also following the same roadmap i.e.

  • Lure the novice traders by giving a fake introduction. 
  • Trade them in for free. 
  • Show the site visitors with lucrative images of party places and semi-nude babes from Google image repository. 
  • Tell them it’s just a matter of hours till they can enjoy the same lifestyle. 
  • Take their credit cards. 
  • Max out their bank accounts. 
  • Run away!

Surprisingly, the Bitcoin Code scam also falls in the same category because they might have ignored the fact that out there somewhere, there is someone sitting totally armed to protect the bank accounts from getting maxed out, and of course, that someone is the Binary Scam Watch Monitor! 

Once you put the URL of the Bitcoin Code scam and the site loads up, you can hear an anonymous voice of a male who is trying to be friendly with you. Don’t get carried away by the numbers which are being displayed on the screen because to be very true to the core, those numbers are totally the work of powerpoint presentation and there is not a single percent truth in them. 

If the con artist who allegedly happens to be Steve McKay, is so right, there is no point in disclosing his identity while he is addressing the traders! There can be only two theories associated with this sneaking-behind-the-slideshow act of his:

  • Either he can’t trust the traders.
  • Or he is all just making it up to fulfill his lust to get the money and run away. 

It is now becoming more and more evident that with all the media paying the attention to our blog, they just don’t want to reveal their true selves. Can you really believe a single word from that anonymous voice? Is your money so easy to be robbed that you will invest it in a con artist’s scheme without even seeing his face while he talks you easily into the trap he has amazingly set-up? Of course NOT! 

Bitcoin Code scam claims that you will earn $13,000 without losing even a single penny just by using their trading app software! Supposedly this super-intelligent financial algorithm developed by the con artist is totally beyond the understanding of even the most competent software engineers working at Google, Uber, AirBnB and Facebook. This is why you must not trust a single word which you hear at the site of BitCoin Code scam. 

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Is Bitcoin Code a Scam?

After reading this review it should be clear that the Bitcoin Code is a scam! There is no such thing in the whole world as the perfect software which never fails. The aim of BitCoin Code Scam is to make you believe you can win millions of dollars with an automated software.

If you need investment advice or would like help busting a scam or investigating a website, please send us a message! We are here to help!

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