Bitcofab Review – 10% Daily Return Hyip Scam Exposed

If you are looking for the truth, please read our complete Bitcofab Review. We have gone to great lengths to discover whether or not this site is legitimate or a scam. You may not like our findings but we promise to always tell you the real deal! Every single day when we wake up, we receive emails about yet another HYIP or mining scam.

Scams are so plentiful on the internet that you are more likely to lose your money online then you are to actually earn money. That is why it is so paramount that you take the time to thoroughly understand the site and how it works and where their money is coming from BEFORE you sign up! You can always come to us for advice and we will do our best to inform you of what’s going on.

We also NEED your help! We can’t do our job without you! If you see a HYIP scam, we need to hear about it. If you are earning with a nice site, we also want to hear about that as well. Please keep us informed of how your HYIP and trading experiences are going so we can pass that information on to others. In this way, we can all help each other avoid losing money!

Let’s get started!

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Bitcofab Review

Bitcofab Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 8%-10% daily for 30 days. They claim to be a bitcoin cloud mining based program that also invests and sells hash power for a profit. The purpose of our investigation and review was to expose the truth behind this fraudulent website in order to save you money.

After we publish a review like this we always get hate mail from users that have been able to take a withdrawal so they believe Bitcofab scam is real and paying. If you are one of those people we have nothing but good wishes for you. However, please know that we are reviewing the site for ALL users, even those that may come in the future after the site has stopped paying. Save your hate mail for the right people, the owner of the scam after he shuts the site down. Scam Facts

Below you will find the results of our inquiry into the legitimacy of HYIP scam. If you believe we are wrong about any of these facts, send us a message or post a comment. We’ll do our best to get to the bottom of any discrepancies.

1. The address listed for Bitcofab HYIP scam is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, UK.

When we started to investigate this address, we were shocked at the amount of negative information we found. Over the course of the past two years, this same address has been the site of several scams. About a year ago this site was used in a rental scam where a fake real estate agent would rent it out to foreigners in exchange for an online payment. Once the person traveled to the address they found it was locked up and the real owner was not even renting it.

The scammer then made off with the money and continued performing this same scam on other unsuspecting travelers. We aren’t saying that this person is the same person who owns the scam but it’s a pretty interesting coincidence.

The bigger problem is that this address has no record of being affiliated with Bitcofab scam in any way. When we called the location we were told they have no dealing with this site and do not have any cloud mining taking place at their residence. And so, we are marking this fact as an outright LIE and the first strike against scam!

2. The owner of Bitcofab scam controls a team of professional marketers and hash investors.

The site claims that they are professionals in the field of BTC and buying and selling hash. It sounds good, but where is the proof? There is NONE! scam has chosen to deliberately conceal the identity of their admin and as a result, we are left with very little real information to actually base our decision on. Let’s make this easy for everyone. IF you are a successful businessman who owns a fast-growing BTC cloud mining and hash investment company, why would you hide your name?

Only a scam artists are interested in hiding his name. We are sorry if this offends anyone reading this, but this is the truth. Nothing to hide? Share your name!

This is the second strike against Bitcofab scam!

How Does Bitcofab Scam Earn Money?

Moving on to the next part of our review, we want to explain to you how HYIP claims to make their money. They are asking you to invest your hard earned money in return for their expertise in hash investments and cloud mining. They also brag about how they are such professionals that they will always protect your investment and keep it safe because they understand the business so well.

Once again, this all sounds pretty great! But remember, words without actions are meaningless. So what actions do we have to examine?

A legitimate cloud mining and investment company will have tax records to prove they are truly legitimate. Are there any tax records for scam? NO! They do have a valid registration in the UK but that’s where the paper trail dries up. It seems that they have offered no proof to any financial authority that they are investing or growing their company.

The lack of proof that scam is even mining at all is pretty clear. We have NO legitimate proof to give us the secureness in our mind that we would need before investing with them.

Remember, the choice is always yours on where you want to invest with. But if a site is NOT giving any proof that they are mining or investing or trading, why would you simply take their word for it and deposit? A word in this industry means next to nothing. You should be looking for actions. This brings up to the next step in our review.

Is Paying?

Most of you probably only care about one thing. Is Bitcofab paying or not? They have been open for about one month as of the publication of this review. In that short amount of time we have gotten pretty mixed reviews. Some people say that they are paying every day and other people have not been paid at all.

Our view is that a dishonest site will not pay for long. So even if they are paying some people right now, they might stop paying on any given day, even tomorrow. Sites like these never last longer than 2-4 months. If you have joined from the beginning you might be one of the lucky ones that will get some money, but if you are looking to join now, we strongly advise against that! is a Ponzi scam that uses the money of new investors to pay the withdrawal requests of older investors. When people stop joining the site, the site won’t be able to pay anymore and it will slow down and die. The admin of the site will be saving a nice portion of the money for himself as well.

ALERT! If you have lost your money with the Bitcofab Ponzi scam, please note that your money is lost forever. Nobody can get it back for you. If someone approaches you online and promises to get it back in exchange for a fee, they are lying to you. They will do and say whatever you want to hear in order to get your money. Don’t trust them. This is the second wave of scammers that come from the first.

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Is a Scam?

The evidence is clear that is a scam. If you disagree with our conclusion please send us a message with your reasoning and we’ll hear you out. In the meantime, please help us spread the message by sharing this post on social media!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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