Review – Russian Mining HYIP Scam Exposed (Warning!)

Stop whatever you are doing and read our exclusive Review. This brand new HYIP is going VIRAL on social media right now! Included in this review is a detailed explanation of what Bitcinv scam is and how you can avoid losing your money! By looking at the details you may able to know whether it is a scam or they have been actually paying. If it comes across as a scam then it is always better to ignore them.

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers three unique investment plans. The investments programs have an average ROI (return on investment ranging between 3.5%-7% daily for 30 days.

Bitcinv scam helps in the process of online investment. Use of cryptocurrency is seen on the occasion. Investment with cryptocurrency has become a trend now-a-days. Therefore, the popularity of the platform is increasing rapidly. It can be certainly looked as an alternative method of investment.

Being an asset management company, ASIC equipment is offered for bitcoin mining. The professional claims to be expert in the field. They provide a mode for safe investment. According to them, a quality return can be provided after a considerable amount of time. The process of investing money and obtaining rewards is really complicated. Sometime mining rewards may be reduced as well. Still, it has been presented as a lucrative option. Investment packages are offered that may be able to increase reward on an hourly basis.


How it works!

  • Obtain bitcoin address
  • Signing up with the official website of Bitcinv
  • Deposit your money
  • Confirmation of deposit is given
  • Rewards may be offered every hour
  • Profit can be withdrawn
  • In this way, you can get back the deposit money easily (if they chose to pay you!)

However, authentication about the site cannot be acquired from anywhere. Therefore, it is a site that cannot be trusted at all. In the financial market related to bitcoins, tons of scams can be seen.

If money is involved in a plan then you must take your time to know whether it is a scam or legal. Most of these companies are not seen in the market after few years.

 Bitcinv Scam Exposed

The market for bitcoin is relatively new. In order to obtain profit from the market, lots of unscrupulous people can be seen. Therefore, you must stay aware. So, questions may come to your mind.  Is Bitcinv scam fake? If you are thinking about serious investment, you must look for answers. If you ask us then we do not recommend the site as it works on a Ponzi scheme.

Through the proclamation of success, nothing can be proved. In fact, it increases doubt on the issue of legality. It works on the basis of the pyramid scheme. scam is offering huge returns on investment that they claim is coming from BTC mining. The bitcinv scam can be regarded as one of shabbiest companies available in the market at the moment. Explanation of their work may raise further questions on your mind.

They have declared to provide a team of skilled lawyers, investors, and managers. Later, it is also asserted that investment and cryptocurrencies are managed for high profit only.

Proof of skilled professionals cannot be seen anywhere on the site. They may not be investment managers or lawyers at all. Instead, they are competent scammers only. In the last several months we have busted up scores of fake BTC sites that operate as Pyramid schemes instead of mining.

Who is the owner of scam?

Robert Rose is the supposed owner of Bitcinv scam. However, we can find no mention of his name of the business registration or having anything to do with the website registration either. Bitcinv scam wants you to believe that Robert Rose and his friends from the University of Manchester were the creators of the mining project. We can find nothing to confirm this information.

Does Bitcinv scam trade or mine?

Claims have not been proved in this regard also. These sites can be closed anytime without any notice to the investors. In case of a real site, lots of evidence can be found. Success in each quarter may be showcased with real data of profit and loss with the real site.

Is there any HYIP insurance or regulation?

The answer is no this time also. There is no rule regarding the company operation. An investment must not be made through a company that does not rules and regulations. By closing the site, they can simply steal the money.

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Is a Scam?

After thoroughly investigating this company we can confidently state that is a scam that should be avoided. As we have seen, they are currently paying but can and will stop at any second. Due to their lack of regulations and lack of insurance, this is one investment you will thank God you didn’t invest in.

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