Review – Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence

Stop whatever you are doing and read our full and detailed Review! This explosive new HYIP has gone absolutely viral with links popping up all over social media and through your email. Before you get tricked into giving this Ponzi scam your hard earned money, please finish reading this report!

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Special Message! If you are a current member of scam, please do not deposit anymore more money, even if they tell you it will help to unlock your profits. This is a lie. Do NOT give them more money! Please contact us for advice and we’ll see if we can help you!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI of 0.4% – 0.5% Hourly. This investment has no expiration date and claims to pay forever. This is obviously a lie as we will explain below.

Although they claim to be a team of expert cryptocurrency traders, they are actually a team of expert scam artists. They exhibit no proof to show that they trade. In reality is just a Ponzi scam and will stop paying the second the owner decides he’s made enough profit.

We couldn’t believe it until we started receiving emails about a program which was allegedly robbing people of their assets in huge sums. And why the huge sums were involved? Only because the baselining of this program was nothing else but the latest sentiment of cryptocurrency in which people today are dying to get into either one way or the other. 

Investigating Bitatom Scam!

We started investigating about this latest program which goes by the name of scam and dug out such facts which are going to blow your mind in not more than five minutes. 

BitAtom.Biz Scam introduced itself as one and the only Bitcoin mining and a cryptocurrency trading firm which focused mainly on working with ordinary people having a meager income like teachers and community college professors and students. 

At first, people thought it’d be an amazing business venture which is specifically focusing on people who are trying to make both ends meet. But who knew that the scam will not only prove to be one of the most heinous scams but also it’d rob off those who are already living below the poverty standards in the society. 

Without further ado, let’s show you how the BitAtom Scam is working to trash the minds of experienced traders to have them involved in initiating the trades and then running off without a trace along with the invested money. 

No Existence on Social Media 

Today, if a business wants to make a debut or needs to thrive, it really has to introduce itself to social media by making a profile either on Facebook or on Twitter. Despite posting the social media plugins by the website development team of Bitatom scam, clicking on links doesn’t work at all. In the below-attached screenshot, you can have a look at the proof and decide on your own as to how these scammers are trying to befool you all. facebook

Fake Certificate of Incorporation:

In order to further lead you astray and to keep you away from looking into the legitimacy of the HYIP scam, the website developers have posted a certificate of incorporation signed under the label of Government of Scotland. When we tried contacting the CySEC authorities as they receive a copy of such certificates after being duly signed by the signatories, they politely refused by saying that they have no such knowledge of any firm by the name of BitAtom.Biz. 

What more does a sane mind need other than the sworn words coming from the legitimate authorities who are in charge of diligently managing the businesses of regulated financial investment firms. If you are a hard believer, try yourself by browsing the site of CySEC and you’ll believe our words. 

 Furthermore, Bitatom scam is NOT regulated. This means that they are not being watched or monitored by any financial trading authority. webpage MainPage

Is Paying?

Ever heard of any investment firm which tells you about your profits prior to even investing? Yes, the answer is obvious and neither have us. But just like most other HYIP scams, the scam has already posted the profit returns on the investments you haven’t yet bothered to make.

This is called as playing with the minds of innocents who really fall prey to this treacherous schemes without knowing that it’s going to bring them down.

Folks, there are three investment plans mentioned on the site namely the 0.4% Hourly, 0.47% Hourly and 0.5% Hourly and each of them demands for a sudden deposit of funds in the form of BitCoins and once you have made that deposit, the amount starts showing up on the screen of your web application which is also fake.

After one hour, the system shows you a clear winning rate and a graph going upward and once you have reached a limit, you are again asked to deposit some more amount if you want to withdraw. This cycle keeps going on and on until the day arrives when the depositor finally wants to make a withdraw. 

That’s the point from where, there is no looking back because all the funds you deposited, are gone and we know that it’s hard to believe but it doesn’t change the nature of the fact. is not paying long term!

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Is a Scam

The evidence speaks for itself. is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. We predict that their website will only be online for a time of 3-6 more months before they close without warning. investment packages investment plans

Please remember the facts!

  • Broken website links.
  • Wrong regulated numbers. 
  • Fake company profile at social media.
  • Damaged reputation for illicit profit schemes. 
  • Infiltrative money grabbing plans.
  • Involvement in money laundering and in tax evasion.

Please send us an email if you need help with any online scam or investment advice. We are here to help! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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