Binary Robot 365 Scam Review

Binary Robot 365 Scam Review. We recently concluded our investigation into this new and seemingly trustworthy auto trader. Unfortunately our conclusion is that Binary Robot 365 is a scam. Please read the rest of this review to see how we arrived at this conclusion.

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DESCRIPTION: For the last 4 months we were bombarded with emails from our readers inquiring as to whether Binary Robot 363 is a scam…

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3 Reasons Why Binary Robot 365 is a SCAM

Binary Robot 365 Scam

For the last 4 months we were bombarded with emails from our readers inquiring as to whether Binary Robot 363 is a scam. The Binary Robot 365 website is pretty clean and clear cut. We didn’t want to invest any money with it because we did view some conflicting reports online.

Investigating Binary Robot 365

Our solution was to send out and email to some of our subscribers who we regularly correspond. The purpose of this was to ask them if they had tried Binary Robot 365, and if so, to give us their results.

Before we reveal those results, let’s take a look at what the website claims.

1 – 85% ITM win rate. This is pretty reasonable and sounds good. Most auto bots claim higher ITM rates, but 85% is actually doable. However, further down on the site, they claim a 83% ITM rate. So which is it?

2 – Winner of the Best Auto Trader 2016. The badge on the right side of the website claims that Binary Robot 365 has won this award. Let’s clear this up. There is no award for best auto trader. This is clearly false. They essentially made up a fake award and then gave it to themselves, so this is a bad sign.

3 – Only works with regulated brokers. This is false. Cherry Trade is just one example of a broker they work with who is not regulated.

Talking to Real Traders

The next part of our investigation was to talk to real users who had tested the service. We sent an email out asking for feedback from people who had tried this out. We got mixed results.

We talked to about 10 people who had used the system. Out of those, only one person made a profit. That person sadly continued using the system and proceeded to lose that profit and half of their trading balance before calling it quits. The other 9 traders lost money and stopped trading.

Two alarming things were brought to our attention. The ITM was nowhere near 85%. It was closer to 65%, which makes for a losing account balance.

The other thing that was reported to us was that the demo account option gives a grossly high ITM rate, which is not real. The traders were given demo accounts that took fake trades that had a 90% ITM. However, when they moved to their real account trades, they lost everything. This means that the demo account option is most likely fake.

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If you have any system you’d like us to look into, please send us a message! In addition, if you’d like to give us a report on any system that you have used, please include those results in an email as well. Your feedback helps us help others!

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  • Paul

    I went on a site called Legal Binary Robots and the Chat Screen showed a guy called Robert and a Photo, I went on Binary Robot 365 website and the chat showed the same photo and name, I queried this on both sites and got transferred to another guy called Jordon with a Photo on both sites. But never got an answer. seems a bit suspect to me