Binary Reserve Scam Review

This is our Binary Reserve scam review. Don’t join with Binary Reserve until you’ve read this review! Within this post we will show you evidence that Binary Reserve is a scam.

Binary Reserve is an auto trading binary options software. We saw it being advertised on a few blogs so we took a closer look at it. You’ll want to read this through to the end before signing up because we found nothing but a bunch of empty promises and scams.

The video starts out with a typical manipulative warning that if you don’t act NOW this offer will be lost completely. Their offer promises that we’ll be making over a thousand dollars a day. This is a lofty promise that we have never seen a single software system live up to. Results like this are just not possible on a consistent basis.

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Binary Reserve tells us that their results have been approved and verified by a website called We’ve seen this scam many many times in this industry. Binary Reserve is a self authenticated verifications system. On their website they explain that they verify a trading account to be real by checking to see if it is real live account with a deposit inside of it.

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This process has nothing to do with proving if the testimonials or the results are true or that the person has been making $1000 a day. It only verifies that it’s a real trading account. I have several live trading accounts that, using Binary Verify I can have verified, but this has nothing to do with how much money I can claim to be making through trading. This claim is basically meaningless. Every single live account can be verified using this criteria and it doesn’t prove the software is not a scam.

We will be writing a more in depth review about Binary Verify in the future, so stay tuned for that!

To top it off Binary Reserve decided to use an actor for their testimonial that has not only been featured on another scam we recently reviewed, but is also an actor for hire on Here he is on Binary Reserve. We recently reviewed the Mockingbird Mentor that uses the same actor. Check out that review here.

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And here he is on

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This sums it up for us. How can any of us trust a binary software that uses actors instead of real people to promote their company. You couldn’t pay us to sign up with this scam!
Please post if you have experiences with this scam!