Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Binary Interceptor Scam Review. We just finished an in depth analysis of Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper. We uncovered several disturbing and alarming facts that the creators of Binary Interceptor are attempting to keep undercover. Binary Interceptor is a dangerous scam and Robert Harper is a fraudulent liar who has determined to try and abscond with as much of your money as possible! Continue reading this review and we are very sure that you will arrive at the same conclusion as we already have.

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DESCRIPTION: Binary Interceptor is an auto trading web based app, that places trades automatically for you. It’s all incredibly convenient. Robert Harper is the the self proclaimed guru behind the app…

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Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper Overview

Binary Interceptor is an auto trading web based app, that places trades automatically for you. It’s all incredibly convenient. Robert Harper is the the self proclaimed guru behind the app. He promises to set you up with an account manager who will help you get started, as well as showing you how to use the simplistic Binary Interceptor auto trader. Robert Harper tells us that he’s been helping people in the binary options industry for a little over two years now and has achieved a great success. This is all a complete fabrication, as we will show. Robert Harper is unheard of in the binary options industry. He doesn’t have a blog, he doesn’t have any educational videos on youtube. He doesn’t have a website. The only place you will find him is the Binary Interceptor website, which was just created a few days ago! Robert Harper is a nobody with no credibility. He is simply an actor with a fake name.

Robert Harper tells us in no uncertain terms that you are only watching the Binary Interceptor fraud video because you have received a “special invite” from a student or friend. This is completely baseless and couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you find this website because a student of Robert Harper contacted you? No. You were sent an email directly from “Robert Harper” or someone else you’ve never met before, as were thousands of others just like you. This wasn’t special! Your email was shared with Binary Interceptor and you were targeted as part of this shady scam.

Robert Harper spends a great deal of time trying to prove to us how credible and trustworthy he is. At one point he even goes as far as to say, “Anyone who is successful in this business knows that I’m the best of the best.” False! We have never heard of him, nor have any of our professional trader friends. Robert Harper is a man full of lies and you have no reason to place even an ounce of trust in him.

Binary Interceptor and the Scam Connection!

A dubious link exists between Binary Interceptor and two very common scams that we’ve exposed just a few months ago. The Binary Interceptor app is directly connected to both the Virtual Income and Amissio Formula scams. Both of these scams were diabolical in terms of the effect they had on new traders. They roped in thousands of people and stole money from each one. Not one person was successful in trading with either of these scams! Binary Interceptor and the fake Robert Harper are now trying to repeat the entire malicious scam all over again with different names!

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

As you can see below, the spokesperson from Virtual Income is one of the top scam actors featured in Binary Interceptor scam. Please read our scam review of Virtual Income to see how it has been directly linked to the Amissio Forumla for additional information.

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Binary Interceptor Scam Review

We have a message for all of you that are being repeatedly targeted by any of the following scams: Binary Interceptor, Virtual Income, Amissio Formula. Delete these emails and block the senders from your inbox. It won’t stop here. The same scammers will be back with another fake video in a few months, and they will target you again and again, over and over, until you are completely broke and jaded. Binary Interceptor is one of many and certainly won’t be the last to scam it’s way into your pocket book and financial and personal information.

Technical Overview of Binary Interceptor

Binary Interceptor is free. However, you’ll have to deposit $250 in order to use the auto trader, which as we all know, you’ll have lost within a few days time. Binary Interceptor gives us a 45 second explanation of how their software places trades. This explanation amounts to a bunch of “blah blah blah lot’s of money, blah blah blah secret code” mumbo jumbo. Nothing in the video is enough to convince us, or anyone else with working brain cells, that Binary Interceptor has anything special or advanced to offer us. Don’t fall for any of this.

Can I make money in Binary Options or Forex?

Despite our negative attitude concerning this failed service, we actually do make money trading in Binary Options and Forex, and you can too! We test and investigate any service we promote for an average of 2 to 3 months before releasing a review. We are working with two fantastic options and are currently testing a new service which we hope to release to you later next week.  AND it’s here! Take a look at our newest and BEST NEO2 Software review!! Please take a look at our reviews of Social Trading with Tradeo (we are offering a limited time special cash back promotion!) and BinaDroid! Both of these options have delivered great revenue for us and continue to do so.

Conclusion: Binary Interceptor is a SCAM!!

Other scams that should be avoided immediately:

Dream Profits, and Lie Detector Millionaire by Daniel Wilkins, Drexel Code, as well as the most dangerous Push Money App, and the Millionaire Blueprint.

Please avoid the above scam websites on sight! If you want to report a scam and you want to make your voice be heard, please report a scam on the comments below. Check out our FB page here.

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  • Adam

    Thank you for warning! I almost deposit my money into this scam!

  • Arlie

    Thank you for this report. I just lost my job and was about to join this program with my $ 250. Please keep me informed of any legit programs that you know about.