Binary Boxer Scam Review

Binary Boxer Scam Review. You are reading our review of the Binary Boxer auto trader. Binary Boxer is a scam and in this Binary Boxer scam review we will show you evidence that it is a scam! If you aren’t sure about Binary Boxer please read this review to see whether it is a scam or legit.

Binary Boxer Scam Review

Binary Boxer Scam Review

Is Binary Boxer a Scam or Legit?

Binary Boxer is one of the laziest scams we’ve seen, and we’ve seen quite a few! Whoever came up with the idea behind Binary Boxer probably only spent about 10 minutes working on it before he hired a voice actor to make the video. Binary Boxer doesn’t give us any information to research, which is unusual for scams such as these. Most scams try to at least make up some information, like fake names. Binary Boxer simply gives us the first name of a faceless person and tries to convince us that this faceless, nameless person is worth trusting.

Binary Boxer claims that a man named Sherman came up with a super secret strategy for trading binary options. “Sherman” used to box for a living, so naturally when he discovered a top secret strategy, he named it after his former profession. When you sign up for an account with Binary Boxer, you’ll get access to this super secret strategy, which will then enable you to place 87% winning trades into your account. He doesn’t really explain if this strategy will be used for you, or if you’ll have to use it on your own. He assures us over and over that in order to get access to the top secret strategy, all we have to do is place $250 into his shady broker account and he’ll send it to us. Does this sound legitimate?

Is Binary Boxer a Scam?

At the bottom of the Binary Boxer webpage is a time ticker that tells me I only have 45 minutes to sign up, but every time I refresh the page it gives me a new 45 minutes. This is just too stupid to even take seriously!

What’s more interesting is the fact that Binary Boxer has been around since October, yet they claim they are only giving away this top secret software for one day only. Binary Boxer tells us that they can only accept 100 testers before they have to shut the system down, to avoid spreading out the profits to thin. What does this even mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply lies meant to manipulate you into thinking you are getting a great deal! If you choose to use this phony software with the top secret strategy we guarantee that you will lose your money! These systems are a dime a dozen and the industry keeps pumping them out, which just means that they are actually managing to trick people into signing up.

For every person Binary Options convinces to sign up they get a fat payment from their broker. This is how they make money, and how every other binary scam makes their money too! Don’t fall for it! Take control of your money and don’t let the Binary Boxer scammers trick you!

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Conclusion: Binary Boxer is a SCAM!
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