Binabot Scam Review

Binabot Scam Review

You don’t want to miss this new update! Binabot is a dangerous scam! If you have never heard of Binadroid before, please refer back to our original post about it HERE and HERE


Binabot Scam

Binadroid 2 Scam

Binabot is a carbon copy of Binadroid. They are both scams. It also goes by the name of Binadroid 2 or Binadroid 2.0 


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  • James

    Hi guys, I signed up last week. I wish I’d waited so I could get your $50 cash back. Is there anyway I can still get it? I guess I shouldn’t fuss because I made $300 last week in only 3 days time. I’m going to increase my trade size starting Monday.

  • Hello Noel, it was a mistake and it has been fixed thank you!