Binabot Scam Review

Binabot Scam Review

You don’t want to miss this new update! If you tried Binadroid in the past, please consider switching to the newer software. If you were holding out, and hadn’t tried Binadroid yet, you have come at the perfect time. The new software had improved on the original as well as made some updates that will really benefit you! In the following review, we will explain the new updates and answer all the questions surrounding Binabot. If you still have a question after reading this review, do not hesitate to ask! If you have never heard of Binadroid before, please refer back to our original post about it HERE and HERE.







DESCRIPTION: Following the huge success for Binadroid, the creator, Troy Everett has just launched a new version of the amazing Binadroid software! …

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Binabot Scam

Binadroid 2 Scam

What are some of the best features of Binabot ?

In this section of the review, we are going to unpack each of the best features included in Binabot and what makes them so revolutionary. Binabot is a 100% automated system, that functions as web-based software. This means that you can trade automatically on auto pilot without downloading a single thing. This is perhaps the best feature of this new system. We get emails every day from people who want to trade but work full time and just can’t babysit their trades all day. We have been searching for a fully automated trading system for binary options. You can see from checking out our scam list that MOST systems designed to function as binary options auto traders simply do not work.

Many auto traders either a) don’t have the targeted win rate and/or b) they aren’t full auto traders. Binabot is one of only two auto traders that performs up to par with what they claim it can do. In the first release of Binadroid the majority of our traders made substantial profits, however they found that the auto pilot trading function wasn’t fully automated. With the new update, you can expect to see this issue completely alleviated. You will now be able to set up your settings and leave the computer. Please see below for our recommended settings!

What is the new reverse trade button feature?

Included in the new Binabot software is access to a reverse trade button. You can use this should you see a trade losing. When you push this button, the trade will reverse into the opposite direction with a new expiration time. This is very helpful for those of you that wish to take manual signals. We have never encountered a binary options software that offers this option. We are pleased to say it does work and can be used as a part of a successful trading strategy to increase your profits.

Can I choose my own broker?

Most of you will be able to choose your own broker when you sign up. This depends on what country you reside in and what other broker accounts you already possess.

How much money should I invest to make a good profit?

The minimum amount needed to activate your trading account differs depending on what broker you receive when you sign up. Each broker has different requirements depending on the regulations and rules in their country of origin. Most brokers will have you start with at least $250. However, some do ask that you deposit $300-$500. We have found that in most cases it is normal to start with $250.

One of the most frequent questions we get at our blog is, “How much money should I invest in order to succeed?” The good news is that it is perfectly possible to make a nice profit with an initial investment of $250. Although, it is the case that if you put more money in, you’ll be able to take more money out. We normally advise new traders to start with the minimum and experienced traders to go ahead and invest more at the start. It is a personal decision and as always, never invest more than you can afford to lose!

What is the win rate for Binabot?

During the beta testing phase for Binabot the win rate hovered right around 86% with some people seeing higher rates!

Have we tested it for ourselves?

Yes! We have been using it for a little over a week. We rarely test auto traders because 99% of them are scams. However, we made an exception for Binadroid and when we were made aware that Binabot was releasing, we signed up again to test it out. The most magnificent thing about Binabot, besides the easy setup process, was the consistent profits we’ve been making. Nothing feels as amazing as actually making money with an auto trader instead of losing all the time! We started with the minimum deposit of $250 and in 5 trading days, our account is up to $780. Nothing to complain about here!

Do they use fake photos and actors?

No! One of our pet peeves is scams that use fake photos and actors to present their product. We are pleased to say there are no actors nor fake photos in Binabot!

Is Binadroid 2 an auto trader or manual signals?

Both! One of the updates that was implemented with the new software is that you can now trade on complete auto pilot OR take manual signals. You will notice in your settings that you can select the full auto pilot feature in addition to taking any manual signals that pop up. We are often asked, “Why don’t I see any manual signals?” If you are using the automated trading and you go a few hours or a day without seeing any manual signals, it is due to the fact that those good signals were taken automatically by the software.

Is the software web based or do I have to download it?

The Binabot is now a web-based software, which means you do not need to download anything. This is the best kind of auto trader as you can turn your computer off or even go away for a small vacation, while your account continues trading in your absence. There is nothing to download here and you can save energy by leaving your laptop or phone off for the night.

Can I activate the software on my phone or tablet?

Yes. You don’t even need access to a laptop or desktop to use Binabot! Just sign up, set up your account with the settings you want, and watch it trade!

Which is better, Binabot or the original Binadroid?

We’ve been getting a lot of emails asking which is the better version of this software? Personally, we would recommend signing up with the newer version, Binabot. If you were previously using Binadroid, you will also benefit by signing up with the newer version! We know that quite a few of you were interested in a fully automated Binadroid, and now it’s here! We are offering a special limited time offer for those of you that do register, you can read about that below and message us with any question! The software is free for life. All you need to do is complete the registration and invest the minimum amount in order to start trading.

Is there customer support?

Yes. After you sign up you will have full access to the 24/7 customer support. In addition, if you sign up through the link below you will also have our full support should you experience any issues. We will assist you with any questions or issues you might have! After you register through our link, send us an email immediately and let us know that you have signed up. We will add your to our preferred trader list. We will then assist you as one of our own team!

Do we offer you any special gift for signing up?

Yes! As an aside to our special customer service for signing up with us, we are currently offering a $50 cash back offer for signing up with our link below! You absolutely will NOT find this offer with any other blog. We are the only blog that is offering this special deal. In order to qualify you must sign up with the link below and then immediately send us an email to confirm your registration. We will then instruct you on how to claim this $50 cash back!

To date, Binary Scam Watch Monitor has paid out thousands of dollars worth of cash back rewards. We love to help you and reward you for trusting us! For additional offers on our other services, please message us for information!

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  • James

    Hi guys, I signed up last week. I wish I’d waited so I could get your $50 cash back. Is there anyway I can still get it? I guess I shouldn’t fuss because I made $300 last week in only 3 days time. I’m going to increase my trade size starting Monday.

  • Hello Noel, it was a mistake and it has been fixed thank you!