BillionEarn Review – Is A HYIP Scam? Expert Opinion!

Hello. Welcome to the latest HYIP check and alert featuring our BillionEarn review. This investigative report has examined every single aspect of and has determined its authenticity. If you, or anyone you know, is thinking about investing with BillionEarn, please read this thorough report first! After examining all of the information provided as well as examining user ratings and user feedback, we can assuredly say that is a scam and should be avoided at all costs!

If you still have any doubts, please continue reading as we will extinguish any reservations you have about the legitimacy of this HYIP.  Our team carefully looked into each aspect of BillionEarn before forming our conclusion. We have exposed countless HYIP’s and financial scams over the past year, and this one tops our list of disgusting and vicious frauds. Unfortunately, has already stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars and they don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

Remember. It is YOUR responsibility to protect your investments. Online investments are very poorly regulated, if at all. There are so many financial scams operating on any given day that no governing body has the time or man power to investigate them all. Tread carefully with online investments. Do your research and always use a credit card to fund your account so you can open a dispute if you are scammed. Be sure to protect yourself from the Zeus 2 Scam as well.

Let’s take a closer look at Billionearn HYIP

Official Website:

Minimum Investment: $15

ROI (Return on Investment): 2.5% – 4% and more.

Maturation Rate: 42 – 120 Days 

Paying Or Not: NOT PAYING

Scam or Legitimate: SCAM


What is BillionEarn HYIP?

BillionEarn is an investment firm that offers incredibly high rates of returns on relatively small investments. This is what is referred to as a HYIP or High Yield Investment Program. HYIP’s are notorious for scamming their investors. They give false promises and false information in order to lure new investors in.

Most of the time they reveal the truth of their program in the small print located inside of the disclaimers. When the investor loses his money, the HYIP simply points towards to disclaimer and claims the customer was properly warned of the risks.

BillionEarn Review is a registered business that claims to be located in the UK. Their business is registered in the UK and they do offer a physical address where they are located. We fact-checked this and found it to be accurate. However, let us make something abundantly clear. Registering a business in the UK is extremely easy. ANYONE can do it.

The presence of a business license does not prove an investment firm is honest. In order to obtain a business license, all you need to do is fill out your name and the name of your business. No proof of a working business needs to be made.

Investment Plans with

There are 3 different options for investing with BillionEarn. Each of these 3 plans includes 5 different ROI amounts and different terms.

The Auto Profit Plan reinvests your profits automatically and gives you a lump sum at the end of your investment plan time period.

BillionEarn Review

The Regular Profit Plan allows you to take daily withdrawals of smaller amounts.


The VIP Profit Plan offers the largest ROI with longer maturation dates.


If you are thinking this sounds too good to be true, you are correct. While the above numbers sound like fabulous investment options, don’t be fooled. This is NOT real. It is ALL fake. You will not get back any of this money. Once you invest with any of the above options you can kiss your money good bye. We have received countless emails from our readers that lost their money after trusting the system. Stay clear of the Automata Formula scam as well!

Exposing the BillionEarn Scam!

The owner of this HYIP is anonymous as are the people who will be investing your money. No information is given as to the qualifications of the traders and investors who will be making these large successful investments on your behalf. The website claims that a team of expert traders who specialize in Forex trading will be making well-planned investments with your money and then giving you part of the return.

When encountering obscure claims such as these we need proof to back up the claims. This is what DOES NOT give.

1. There is NO proof of earnings. 

2. There is NO proof of withdrawals. 

3. There is NO information given about the credentials of the traders who use your money.

4. The owner is anonymous which is a HUGE red flag.

5. User feedback and experience has been rated at a 0% satisfaction rate.

When looking at all of these facts as a group, we couldn’t possibly recommend or trust the BillionEarn website or investment plans. They last thing we want to mention is this: In the upper corner of the website they have a Facebook button, which is supposedly linked to their Facebook group. This button simply sends you to the FAQ page. There is NO Facebook group for this scam, which proves even further that is a SCAM!

Making Wise Investments!

As we have been reviewed financial opportunities for awhile now, we have had a chance to work with the best and the worst. If you want to see what we value, please check out our comprehensive review of Social Trading with Tradeo. This regulated forex broker will show you what a legitimate trading experience is with real measurable user feedback.

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