Review: Is It Paying Or Scam? Review

Greetings! Welcome to our investigative report into the nature of a new HYIP,

If you are considering joining this HYIP (high yield investment program) please read this review first.

We are exposing as a scam operation that is NOT PAYING and will trick you into trusting them.

If you have already lost money with this HYIP or any other HYIP, please contact us and we can advise you on a few ways you might be able to reclaim your money.

Whatever you do, please use extreme caution when choosing to join any investment program online. If you need further information about a program, please contact us and inquire.

Let’s jump into our review and discuss what we found!

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Is a HYIP?

A HYIP or high yield investment program is what makes up the largest collections of scams on the internet.

We do not recommend joining ANY of them! They are all dangerous and we have never met someone who actually made money using one.

They are specifically designed to steal your money. The Brit Method is another scam designed to steal your money!

By collecting your money and investing it directly into the stock market or forex, they claim to use their expert trading to deliver huge returns, which they then share with you.

This is all a hoax. 

In reality, new HYIPs pop up almost on a daily basis. After they stay open for a few months or years, they will usually quietly disappear and taken their website offline.

If they are sued they simply declare business bankruptcy and open a new HYIP under a different name.

Your money is NOT safe when investing with

What ROI Does Pay?

Taking a look at the investment plans offers, you will notice outrageously high ROI (return on investment) of up to 140% per hour!


This is highly impossible and infeasible. 

If you are looking to make a modest and reachable return on your money, you can see below for our trusted recommendation.

Is Legit?

They recommend not putting money you actually need into a higher risk investment account.

The problem with this advice is that they don’t tell you which of their investment accounts is “high risk”.

In fact, they don’t really tell you much of anything. We are given absolutely no valid information regarding how their investments are made.

1. Who is placing the trades? No answer.

2. What happens to my money if you lose trades?  No answer.

3. Who owns No answer.

The more time you spend on their website, the more questions you will have. There is a stunning lack of details regarding just how your money is invested.

We assume it has something to do with bitcoins and green energy, but that information isn’t really explained.


They also claim to be investing in “green energy” without giving one shred of proof to support that. is nothing but a fraudulent company that will disappear from the financial industry in a few years leaving a trail of thievery behind them.

Is Paying?

The answer to this is a little more complicated. You really must understand how HYIPs operate in order to understand this.

When you make your first deposit you will naturally want to test the system to see if they are paying, so you will request small quick withdrawal. will give you this initial withdrawal rather quickly, in order to gain your trust.

Once you believe they are legitimate, you will most likely deposit a larger sum of money.

This is when the scam starts. The information we have been able to gather tells us that is paying out for small first time withdrawals but refusing larger withdrawals.

There is NO confirmation of larger withdrawals being sent out.

Additionally, we have been approached by several investors that claimed closed their account as soon as they requested a larger withdrawal.

We are officially marking the HYIP as NOT PAYING!

Overview of the Scam

After thoroughly investigating this investing HYIP, we are sad to say, it’s nothing but a malicious scam.

1. They do not reveal how they are investing your money! They offer up an incredibly vague description of “investing in green energy” but no details.

2. No proof of large withdrawals. We have spoken to several people who have never received their requested earnings. NOT PAYING!

Do not trust If you are looking to actually make some money while trading or investing online, we have a few options you should look into.

We have had great success with My Paying Ads, which is a safe and trusted rev share that has been paying withdrawals for 18 months!

Another option is to trade with a regulated forex broker, Tradeo. 

These are the best two options to make some extra income online. If you have anything you’d like us to investigate, please email us.
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