BDSwiss Review: Is BDSwiss Broker A Scam Or Legit ?

BDSwiss Review, Is BDSwiss an out-dated Broker in 2016 or the best, Find out in BDSwiss Broker Review 2016?.

Introduction to BDSwiss Broker:

Continuing our mission to spread awareness about legitimate and scammed binary options brokers via our broker reviews, here is another one. In this review, we are focusing on BDSwiss Binary options broker.

The BDSwiss is one of the leading trade and finance companies of Europe. It was established as Banc de Swiss in the year 2012 and its head-office is located in Cyprus. This company, specializes in Binary Options, Forex and in CFD. This brokerage firm is operated by Keplero Holdings Ltd and its main focus remains on the German Market. The BDSwiss brokerage firm has a total of 200 underlying assets. In addition to it, the BDSwiss provides a variety of effective tools for forex trading. Furthermore, it’s an innovative and interactive trading platform. It is quite rich in terms of trading equipments and that’s why it is being preferred by every trader. In the upcoming section of BDSwiss broker review, we are going to tell the readers as whether it’s a scam or legit.

BDSwiss Review 2016: An out-dated Scam or Legit?

For a brokerage firm to remain clean in binary options trading is quite difficult. Almost every second trading firm out there, is contaminated with scams. The BDSwiss, is one of those firms which have maintained good reputation since its inception. The website of BDSwiss brokerage firm, gives much credible insight into the services they provide. With over 500,000 trading account and a staggering 20 languages support, the BDSwiss broker has set a trademark in binary options trading.


Furthermore, the CySEC controls and regulates BDSwiss, which adds much into the credibility factor of this brokerage firm. CySEC is one of the most credible binary options regulatory authority. The licence number of BDSwiss brokerage firm is CySEC, 199/13. Hence, declaring it legit will not be a mistake. Therefore, they proudly announce their piety and remain legit in 2016. So, if you are in search for the most reliable broker firm, BDSwiss should be your first option.

BDSwiss Review: Analytical Investigation:

Being a regulated brokerage firm even in 2016, it has kept itself away from malicious practices. It takes care of the trader and his money at the same time. Every transaction is regulated by CySEC. It also provides the best customer support to all its traders and those seeking help. In this section, we will be discussing, every aspect which contributes in the betterment of this firm.

  • Bonuses:

First of all, BDSwiss is offering very good bonus structure. They haven’t yet announced the specifics, yet claim that they are going to be amazing. These opportunities maybe in the form of:

  • Periodic Promotions.
  • Cash Packages.
  • Shopping Vouchers.
  • Special Discounts.

BDSwiss broker doesn’t offer the above mentioned packages on regular basis. However, a trader can avail the packages after making effective trade in given time period. Due to the above-mentioned packages, traders try to put in their best efforts. These promotional packages can change anytime depending upon the quality of input and hard work a certain trader puts in.

  • Amazing Payout:

One of the best feature, any binary options trading firm can ever give. With its unique trading options, it has won the hearts of many. While trading at a certain level,if the finishing trade gets credited out, does the trader lose all the money? For other binary options firms, indeed the trader will fall directly into debt. But in BDSwiss brokerage firm, the trader will retain the initial 5% to 10% trading investment.

This technique helps in minimizing the losses incurred by newbie traders who are most likely to lose. In addition to it, the maximum profit one can avail is ranged between 68% to 85%. Consequently, if you are to finish a trade in profit, it’s you who will get the lion’s share. And if you finish a trade in loss, you will still be in safe hands by retaining the investment money. This feature, most probably makes it second to none. Other broker firms, take charge when you win, and leave you alone to suffer if you lose.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

Trading via BDSwiss Brokerage firm, you don’t need to worry about deposit or withdrawal methods. Finally, BDSwiss is here to save the day. Some of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods supported by BDSwiss Broker are:

  • Wire Transfers.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Maestro.
  • PaySafeCard
  • Skrill.

The minimum threshold of money deposited and withdrawn is about $100.

BDSwiss Review 2


  • Account Type:

While coming towards the account type, the BDSwiss broker offers only one type of account. It is basically a live trading account which requires initial deposit of $100. This simple initial investment makes it easy for the bank to handle. Also the trader remains at the safe side because he has nothing to lose much. According to a representative from BDSwiss, the BDSwiss broker find it easier to deal with small amount of money. It is undoubtedly the most promising factor. Charging such a low amount yet taking every possible care of the trader is what made it last till now. On the opposite, other brokers start from $250 and then run away with the money traders deposit.


  • Assets:

Furthermore, there are a lot of trading options available at BDSwiss. It includes unlimited stocks, currencies, endless commodities and indices. In the category of stocks, the traders at BDSwiss have access to the shares of almost every corporate giant including Apple, Microsoft, Rolls Royce and Citigroup.

The trading commodities include:

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Wheat
  • Oil
  • Silver

The currency pairs include:

  • EUR/GBP and many more.

The trading indices at BDSwiss include: NASDAQ, NIKKEI and many others.



Binary Scam Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

Most noteworthy, BDSwiss has announced educational courses over its website. These courses equips the trader with necessary financial knowledge. In addition, BDSwiss has also introduced its own forex trading and binary options solution to make online trading easier. Consequently, the trader will have access to all the strategic material, latest trading tools and so much more, after buying subscription.

BDSwiss Review 1



In the BDSwiss review section, every point has distinguished the BDSwiss brokerage firm. Even being an old broker firm, the BDSwiss broker still remains the best even in 2016. We declare it is one of the best firm to work with as it strives to achieve the pinnacles.

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