Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review. This new binary options software bot claims to be the “first stellar decision you have ever made”. Our team at Binary Scam Watch Monitor is highly skeptical of new auto traders, because we know that 95% of them or more don’t actually work. Every once in awhile we come across one that blows us away with real results. We give every system the benefit of the doubt. We just concluded our review of this new system and what you’ll find below are our final thoughts and conclusions.

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DESCRIPTION: We were surprised about how little information was actually given about this system. There is not much to verify because there seemed to be a huge drought were the information…

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Overview of Bank Tracker Bot: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The first thing a person notices about a new binary options auto trading website is the layout and professional quality of the website. Our initial impressions of this website were very positive. The second thing we look for is the story behind the auto trader, where does it come from, what is the strategy based on, etc. The Bank Tracker Bot website pulls a 10 out of 10 on the website design but a 0 out of 10 on the story line. We were surprised about how little information was actually given about this system. There is not much to verify because there seemed to be a huge drought were the information should have been. What we do learn from the video is very shallow, but let’s take a closer look at it all the same.

A man who calls himself Michael George introduces us to his mansion, fancy car, and young wife. He demonstrates how he can play tennis in his Italian villa and drive around town to visit his broker in his white maserati. He drives around town to “visit his broker” for some unknown reason that he never really explains. He conveniently fails to mention the name of his brokerage firm, nor does he introduce us to anyone that actually works there. There seems to be no real purpose in visiting his broker other than to convince us that he has one, which he fails to prove. Michael George tells us a non convincing story about how an old college buddy named “Steve” called him up one day and begged him to try out his new auto trader bot, Bank Tracker Bot. Michael George reluctantly invested $250 into this trading machine, and the rest is history. He is not a multi millionaire with a villa in Italy and a much younger woman for a wife, because who doesn’t want a woman that only wants us for our money!

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review

Michael George Bank Tracker Bot Actor

What is missing from this exaggerated storyline, are any real details. Who is “Steve” and why should we care? How does the Bank Tracker Bot make money? What is the strategy being used? No details are given to support any of this. In fact, no proof that any of this works is given period. What we are given is a silly story that mimics every other auto trader scam we’ve seen before. If that weren’t bad enough we are then force fed a bunch of lies, which pop up all over the entirety of the website. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

Top Lies of Bank Tracker Bot or BTB.

1 – Verified traders make real money off Bank Tracker Bot, like the trader from featured below! False.

A smiling woman is see next to a statement that reads how happy she is to have made over $20,000 on her first month. Unfortunately, she is nothing but a model used in advertisements for dental work. She is featured on HERE. Her picture has clearly been swiped off of this website and she is not a real trader nor has she made any money off of Bank Tracker Bot.

Bank Tracker Bot Scam Or Legit

Stock Photo of the Bank Tracker Bot Scam

2 – As a reward for those of you that sign up today we are offering a $500 bonus added to your account. Why is it fake ?

This bonus is something ALL brokers offer ALL of the time. It is not special. In fact, it is quite dangerous and misleading. We never recommend accepting a bonus from a broker, even a good one! Why? Because all bonuses come with “terms and conditions” that make it very hard to withdraw profits. Taking a bonus is considered to be the kiss of death for new traders because they get locked into an account that can’t take withdrawals until their bonus conditions have been met, which means they will take stupid trades just for the sake of trading, resulting in a loss of the entire account. Never accept a bonus!!

3 – Facebook and twitter users are raving about Bank Tracker Bot. Why is it False?

If you scroll down the Bank Tracker Bot website you will see a whole host of Facebook and Twitter comments that seem to laud the accomplishments of this system. However, what you won’t find are any of these comments on Facebook or Twitter. That’s because they are all fake. Not even one of them is real. Bank Tracker Bot doesn’t even have a Facebook page to post comments on, nor a twitter account to get tweets. The entire thing is a huge lie, one we’ve seen used over and over by other similar scams. We are pretty sure these scams are run by the same few people that recycle their stupid ideas over and over again to the tune of millions of dollars from your pockets.

It is pretty safe to say that nobody has ever heard of Michael George or the secretive “Steve”. After concluding our research into this product we aren’t feeling safe to invest any of our money into this system, and neither should you. It has SCAM written all over it. In a few days, the emails will start pouring in about how Bank Tracker Bot isn’t working and doesn’t deliver any of the promised results. Don’t let yourself be one of those people!

The Final Words and conclusions  on our Bank Tracker Bot Review:

After all the evidence of scams we have exposed in our legit review, we finally can simply say that Bank Tracker Bot is a scam!  Please watch out from all these scams listed below as well.

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Our Thoughts and Recommendations on Auto Traders that Actually Work!

We are incredibly picky when we choose an auto trader or signal service to invest our money into. We only test systems that we know for a fact aren’t a scam. Out of those systems only a few of them actually deliver consistent results. We are currently working with a Social Trading with Tradeo, which is hands down the best system we’ve ever traded with. We prefer it over every other system in terms of reliability and consistency. Please check that out HERE! We also have had great results with NEO2, which has been a breath of fresh air in an industry so fraught with systems that fail. Check out that review HERE! In the meantime, stay tuned for more scam reviews and keep us posted on your own experiences!

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