AxisCrude Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Details

If you are an online investor, please take a moment to read our complete AxisCrude Review before depositing any money. You will be glad you did. There are many ways to earn money online but most sites are scams. is a scam site that should be avoided at all costs!

You will not make any money with this site, and everything they have claimed about themselves is a lie. If you want to take your chances and invest with them, against our advice, please return to us after they scam you so we can advise you on how to get your money back!

Included in the review below are tips on how to spot scams as well as a list of our favorite earning website!

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AxisCrude Review

AxisCrude Review

AxisCrude HYIP is a website designed to take your money with the promise that you can earn between 3-4% each day on your deposit for a time period of 45-50 days. This is a high ROI (return on investment) that makes it very attractive to people looking to make money fast and efficiently.

Unfortunately, Axis Crude is a scam that doesn’t deserve your money, much less your trust! We have investigated this site and we are not ready to expose what we consider to be a very routine and boring scam. In fact, this site is a carbon copy of literally hundreds of other HYIP scams from the past. We believe that the creator is a long time scam artist or a novice who copied word for work from other scam sites.

Proof of Scam

The most obvious proof that AxisCrude scam is not legitimate, is the lack of any credible proof. There is NO proof that this site works. Think about that for a second. Would you trust your money to a system that doesn’t have any positive reviews? True, a few review sites online are claiming that it works.

These sites are lying to you in order to get a commission payment from HYIP. Don’t believe us? Below you will find a list of all the lies and missing information from the Axis Crude scam site. Most of these same issues exist in the Cryp Trade Capital Review as well!

– Who is the owner?

The owner of the site is not known. He registered for this website back in March of 2017, and yet he never included his name. Why is that? Most scam artists are involved in multiple scam sites simultaneously and thus they do not want to be exposed.

Would you trust a stranger on the street with your money if he refused to give you his name? Hopefully not. Do not trust any website that does not introduce you to the owner!

– How does it make money?

Even though the site is relatively new, they want us to believe that they are making their money via forex trading and stock market investments. That sounds pretty good until you realize that they have once again, refused to offer any proof that this is true.

There is NO proof that they have ever traded in forex or invested in the stock market. A real investment site will gladly show you detailed reports on their gains and losses detailing what currencies they traded and what assets they invested in. None of this information is given to us, so we are pretty sure they do not trade or invest.

– So how are they making money to pay withdrawals?

You might be wondering how HYIP is making money in order to pay withdrawals. As we said above, they don’t trade or invest. They accumulate money by collecting the deposits of their investors and paying small fractions of that money back to their top investors and affiliates. This keeps the business running while at the same time padding their own pockets.

Many small investors never get paid and the people who do receive money are getting it from the Ponzi scheme payment plan. The new investments are given to the older investors, and so forth. This system only works as long as the owner is honest and the business is constantly bringing in fresh money.

User Reviews

In the last week alone we received a large volume of emails concerning the AxisCrude investment. Most everyone we spoke with had not received their money for over a week. It appears that the business is failing.

If you are working with this site, we need to hear from you. If you are putting your money in and taking withdrawals we are especially interested to see if you are able to withdraw the full amount of your earnings.

A trend we have observed is that most people are taking withdrawals for a few days at 3% but are then told they can’t withdraw anymore until they deposit more money. This is the top sign of a scam. DO NOT invest more money. They are simply lying to you in order to get more of your money.

Earning Money Online?

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Is AxisCrude a Scam?

After examining the evidence, we have concluded that AxisCrude is a scam. Invest at your own risk but we advise against it. There are much better options!

Stay safe online and please message us for any advice or help with your investments!

Happy Earnings!

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