Automata Formula Scam Exposed – Recycled Scam [Updated Review]


Hi! Welcome to our informative and conclusive report on Automata Formula scam. We spent the last few days carefully examined this artificial trading software and found it to be a complete fake. More than that, we have officially exposed for the FIRST time a ring of scams that all work together. Continue reading to see the evidence!

If you have already been scammed by Automata Formula, know that you are not alone. We have had several people email us and recount being scammed, some of them by multiple brokers. It is a fact that many unregulated brokers will tell their customers that if they simply deposit more and more money they can finally get big results. This is false!

Continue reading this review to learn how Automata Formula is scamming new day traders right and left as well as tips on how to avoid binary options scams

. Let’s get started!

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Automata Formula Review

Automata Formula Review: Who is George Coleman?

Our team of investigators has uncovered a binary options scam ring that involves several unregulated brokers and one unknown actor. Take a look at the face below, it’s one you’ve seen before. George Coleman aka Craig Phillips aka Edward Robinson are all aliases for an actor that works with three well-known binary options scams. Below you will find the complete list. We have previously exposed all three of these scams!

George Coleman, Founder of Automata Formula Scam

Craig Phillips, Founder of The Amissio Formula

Edward Robinson, Founder of Orion Code 

It is plainly obvious that all three of these binary options scams are working together in a united front. The actor plays three different roles with very similar scripts. None of these automated trading software systems deliver what they claim to do. We have received countless complaints about all three of them. It’s only a matter of time before the next binary options scam featuring the same actor with a different name is revealed.

George Coleman doesn’t own any company named Automata Formula. In fact, there is no real Automata Formula company. The website was created just four days ago and will probably disappear within a few weeks tops.

Automata Formula Scam : Can I Make $950 an Hour?

George Coleman claims you can make $950 each hour while using this trading system. In fact, he claims that his software is so accurate, you’ll never lose or actually risk any money at all. Unfortunately, that’s just not how binary options trading actually works.

We’ve marked an alarming trend in binary options scams that is becoming ever more prevalent. Binary options is a game of win and lose. There will ALWAYS be losing trades. The goal is simply to have more winning trades than losing. There is NO software that will make it so that you never lose a trade. Many have claimed this and none have succeeded. Anyone that tries to tell you his software never loses a trade is a liar.

If you start with $250 into a regulated solid broker, you might be able to generate $50-$70 an hour a couple of times a day. This is a good day that includes both wins and losses. If you can end your day with more wins than losses, you can be profitable. It is IMPOSSIBLE to start with an investment of $250 and generate $950 an hour! Our best day trading we made $500 in one day, and that is a rare thing. No trader worth his salt will claim much more than that, unless you are playing around with huge sums of money, which most of us just don’t have.

Remember the golden rule of trading! Never risk what you can’t afford to lose!

Is Automata Formula a Scam?

Not once in the whole offer does the fake George Coleman offer even one shred of verifiable proof that his trading software works. He shows us his fancy car (rented) and talks about how rich he is, but he never gives us one real trader that has made any money.

In the disclaimer on the website, it is clearly stated that all trading accounts shown are being used in demo mode, and the results are NOT typical and DO NOT represent real trading. Please take note of the following statement on the disclaimer.


In summary, we have targeted and exposed the following facts concerning the Automata Formula Scam!

1. No proof of winning trades or withdrawals.

2. Fake CEO, George Coleman, that has worked with 2 other binary options scams.

3. Disclaimer on the website claims all trading accounts are fake.

4. Unrealistic prediction of $950 an hour trading. This just isn’t possible! 

Due to these undisputed facts, we can declare that Automata Formula is a SCAM!

How Can I Avoid the Binary Options Software Scam?

Each day we get emails from our readers asking us how to determine if an auto trader is a scam or not. We have made up this quick and easy check list for you guys!

1. Is the CEO of the software a real person? If you can’t find him on google, he’s most likely a fake and portrayed by an actor.

2. Does the software claim outrageously high earnings or a 100% winning history? No software can generate $1000 an hour or day! And NO software can prevent losing trades. Anyone that tells you otherwise is lying to you.

3. Does the software work with unregulated brokers? If yes, avoid!

We have been working with a few systems that are regulated and legitimate. Please take a look at our review of Social Trading with CM Trading to find a system that actually works. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Happy Trading!
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