Auto Wealth Bot Scam Review

Auto Wealth Bot Scam Review
The Auto Wealth Bot is a new auto trading software which we’re calling as a scam! The creator Kevin Jones claims that he had professional traders create this software using their trading techniques. Nice claim, but he gives zero evidence to support it. Instead of giving any real evidence, Auto Wealth Bot falls into every single pitfall that every other scam before them has fallen into. the scam offical site is.

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Auto Wealth Bot uses attempts to manipulate people into signing up by telling them their spot might be given away if they don’t act now. This is ridiculous. Auto Wealth Bot makes their money off of commission sales, by affiliating themselves with a few brokers. They want as many people to sign up as possible as they make around $250 per broker registration.

All of their testimonials are paid actors from Fiverr. Here is an example of one of them. If Auto Wealth Bot really works as well as they say, why can’t they find a real trader who will agree to advertise for them?

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Their account balances are photoshopped and their claims are impossible. Making $2000 from $250 in one day is a pipe dream.

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Save your money and don’t fall for this scam! Let’s put Auto Wealth Bot out of business!

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