Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review. Welcome to our in depth scam review of Auto Trader Alpha, the video that claims it will be removed after it has been viewed over 150 times! Read about this ridiculous claim and uncover all the other evidence that proves Auto Trader Alpha is a scam below. This malicious attack on the binary options industry by the Auto Trader Alpha fraud will make you question how these crooks are getting away with these lies day after day after day. There seems to be no end to the ever growing pile of lies and manipulations from these auto trader scams.

What is Auto Trader Alpha and can Auto Trader Alpha make me money?

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha fraud is an auto trading robot that works off of a secret loophole in the binary options market. While utilizing Auto Trader Alpha, you can make up to $2000 a day in profits! If this sounds too crazy to be true, that’s because it is. Sadly, the reality is that Auto Trader Alpha scam is a worthless pile of junk, that will rob you of all your money. Nothing about this auto trader is legitimate. Tim Gold is the man behind this nightmare, but his name is just as fake as the gold watch he straps onto his wrist each morning. Tim Gold is a fake fraudulent nobody. His real name is Sean Dennison and he’s nothing but an actor from Fiverr. He comes across as a laid back millionaire who just wants to share with the world his secret. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review

The truly ridiculous part of the Auto Trader Alpha scam is that “Tim Gold” claims that the video will be removed from the internet once it has reached 150 views. We were tempted to view it 150 times just to prove them wrong, but we didn’t have the stomach for it. This is an obviously fake claim. Auto Trader Alpha hoax desires to market this load of garbage to as many people as possible. They launch into a tirade about how the 150 people will be special and have to pass a test to be accepted into the Auto Trader Alpha system. This “test” is apparently twofold. 1) Are you alive and breathing? 2) Do you have $250? If you answer yes to both of those questions, GREAT! you are in! Unbelievable. This is nothing but another tired manipulation tactic to string you along into believing that Auto Trader Alpha scam actually cares about you or desires only the best of the best 150 people. This is just false and false again.

What is a secret loophole in the binary options market?

Is the secret loophole binary options strategy a myth or a reality? Let’s break this down. There is no such thing as a “secret loophole”. It sounds mysterious and alluring, but there isn’t any substance to back up the fluffy language! Think about it, if there was a loophole in the binary options market, would it even be legal? A loophole, by definition is something that can wrap around the rules in place, and still be “legal” but highly profitable at the same time. Such a thing in the binary options industry, if true, would last about 3 days before being shut down by the brokers. Loopholes that drain millions of dollars from a broker wouldn’t last long enough to actually take a withdrawal from. This is just nonsensical hogwash. Don’t fall for the “loophole” line!

Since the day binary options was born, there has never been one single instance of a loophole. Anyone who tells you otherwise is banking on your ignorance and immaturity. We have seen this line come and go a million times and each time, the people who make this claim, turn out to be scammers. In fact, we are pretty sure that there is a strong link between binary options scammers and the “loophole” claim! This fact has been proven over and over again!

Can I actually make money with binary options?

Yes! After spending a few minutes on our website, you might find yourself falling into a pit of depression, thinking that there is actually no hope for making money in this industry. This is false. True, there are quite a lot of scams out there, but underneath it all, are a few golden gems that actually work. We are living proof of that! Before you choose a binary options or forex program to invest with, you absolutely must research it online. Our website is notorious for being completely snobby when it comes to choosing a program to trust. Since we started our scam review site, we have supported only a handful of systems and blacklisted over 100! Let those numbers speak for themselves. When in doubt, send us a message, and we’ll give you a truthful reply!

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Conclusion: Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM!!

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