Auto Money Generator Scam Review

Auto Money Generator Scam Review. Binary Scam Watch Monitor just completed an investigation into an older binary options scam that was released about 9 months ago. When it was originally released, this automated trading software scammed so many people that the owners of the website had to take it offline. However, we noticed that just recently it has gone live once again. The owners of this auto trading robot are devious and try to fly undercover, all the while sending out mass emails with their “service” aimed at the desperate and poor. They deserve to be exposed, and expose them we will!

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DESCRIPTION: When it was originally released, this automated trading software scammed so many people that the owners of the website had to take it offline…

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Is Auto Money Generator a Scam?

Auto Money Generator Scam

Auto Money Generator Scam

As the promotional video opens, we are introduced the creator and CEO of Auto Money Generator, Paul Raven. He tells us how his new auto trading bot is only available to the first 500 people who view his video, after which it will be taken down. He doesn’t show his face to the camera, but tells us that he developed the “world’s only legitimate trading software” and is now giving it away for free. Let’s take a look at the claims and weigh them against reality.

Top 5 Scam Proofs

1. Paul Raven is the creator and CEO of Auto Money Generator. False!

Paul Raven simply does not exist. He is not a real person and has no verifiable identity online. The scammers behind Auto Money Generator created this name and then hired a voice actor to market their scam. This is the same thing ever other binary options scam does, as they can’t afford the liability of showing their real face.

The story of Paul Raven is an invention and a distraction used to get you to believe in the pipe dream of getting rich overnight.

2. Only 500 people will be able to view this video before it is deleted. False!

This is a clear lie. The video is available to the public on Vimeo as well as Youtube where it has over 2000 views. It is quite impossible to create a video that will automatically shut down after only 500 people have viewed it. It seems the creators of this nasty scam are used to be able to say whatever comes out of their mouth without having to answer for it.

The Auto Money Generator website has been online for about 8 months now. During that time it has received thousands of visitors, and likewise thousands of views on the video. “Paul Raven” is lying through his teeth when he tells you that his video can only be viewed 500 times.

3. Paul Raven only sent this link to the kind of people that really deserved it. False!

A very strange and completely impossible claim is made here. “Paul Raven” tells us that he has ensured that only people who are truly valuable and needy can have access to his service. This is bizarre and completely impossible to verify. Once again, he is just pulling random notions out of his hat and feeding them to us. This is a clear manipulation tactic that can only be attributed to a scammer.

He sounds like the financial salesman who lies to you about how “you are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen” in order to get what he wants. Don’t fall for this!

4. The Auto Money Generator is FREE! False!

As all auto trading robots claim, this software is “free”. However, in order to use it you will be required to deposit a minimum of $250 into a broker of their choice, mostly likely an unregulated scam broker. This money will then be quickly lost as the software takes bogus trades in an attempt to quickly steal your money.

Do not be surprised when you get an immediate phone call from the broker, who will attempt to convince you that you need to deposit just a few more times in order to finally make the auto trader work for you. Of course these deposits will also be stolen from you, and should you try to take a withdrawal, you’ll be flatly refused. If this happens to you, please contact us for our advice on how to deal with the situation to get your money back!

5. Real traders are making huge profits with the Auto Money Generator! False!

We are affronted with several people claiming to be real traders who have been successfully trading with this auto trading robot and making huge profits. We checked into the identity of these “traders” and found that they all had profiles on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where you can hire an actor to deliver a fake customer review for your product.

As an example, this “trader” claims to be making a lot of money with Auto Money Generator. You can check out his active profile HERE, where you can purchase his acting services.

Auto Money Generator Scam

Auto Money Generator Scam

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Trading on the Financial Market with Success 

It is incredibly important to weigh the risks before investing with any trading software. There are many scams out there that are preying on people like you hoping to make a buck. Here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor we are always open to answer your questions or take a look at a system you are thinking of using to see if it’s legit or not. Please don’t hesitate to email us at any time! We are currently working with the best trading system available, Social Trading with Tradeo. You can take a look at that review HERE and message us with any questions. Also, make sure you read our Traders Tips post, located HERE!

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