Aurum Tech Scam – Review Of A Personal Experience

Hello, today we will provide a detailed review of the Aurum Tech Scam, created by a man named Marco Shoemaker. Contrary to what many believe he is NOT really the CEO of Aurum Tech, in actuality he is a famous actor! We will get to him later on in the review.

Recently, the Aurum Tech software has gone viral! It is being promoted by a group of scammers, including email spammers and bloggers who operate devious blogs using fake names and identities. This group seeks to make commissions off of the new day traders who are inexperienced and somewhat naive in the binary options industry. They are not concerned that the company running the Auram Tech scam is exploiting real people every day! We are concerned! The Aurum Tech company is using their software to run a large scam and we are honored to blacklist them and expose their malignant scheme.

Keep in mind, we do not release false allegations just to gain attention. Each and every word in our binary scam watch monitor blog is backed up with legitimate proof, evidence, and personal experience. Allow us to expose this complex scam step by step.


The Story Of Aurum Tech Scam

Marco Shoemaker attempts to flaunt his epicurean lifestyle by dressing in an expensive suit, touring his up-scale residence and taking of advantage of his fancy cars and private jet. However, Shoemaker is in fact a fraud and the creator of this distasteful scam.

The Reason:

Let’s take a look at the first and last scenes in which the camera man was zooming in to show us that the airplane was truly flying. If you compare the first scene with the last one, when the airplane was ready to land, you will notice that it’s the exact same place that was shown in the first scene. The airplane was just circling around in the air to cut down the cost until they finish filming their silly video. No wonder why the airplane only took 3 minutes to arrive at the destination in Palo Alto. Also notice, they didn’t show him landing. In order to do so, they would have had to show the same airport they used to take off in the first scene.

In addition, we were shown his assistant “Gritchen” telling him that they had received a call from a man named “Steve Foreman“ from the Make A Wish Foundation.

However, they provide no proof for this, and there is no reason that an actor would really be in contact with the Make A Wish Foundation.

Sadly, the Aurum Tech company seems to think it is okay to lie and use the name of the Make A Wish Foundation just to make their scam seem more reputable.

Furthermore, we would like to inform our readers that we attempted to contact Mathew Walker, an Aurum Tech member, through his email [email protected]. Because they showed us that he had sent them an email saying that he made over 170,000 in one month.

Unfortunately, we got no reply from him because he is, of course, a fake user with a fake email that they used to embellish their story.

To sum up, “Marco Shoemaker“ claiming that he is the CEO of Aurum Tech incorporated. As well as claiming that his company has developed a software that is capable of making hundreds of thousands of dollars by trading in binary options with a 100% guaranteed win rate! This, they say, is because the software is capable of executing trades faster than the speed of light.

Indeed, this story has been out there for a while now and in fact there is another scam that we have blacklisted called “High Frequency Trader. It is virtually identical to the Aurum Tech Scam. The story of executing trades faster than the speed of light is an old yet enticing ploy to lure inexperienced traders in. We will come back this later in the review and explain further.

Moving Forward:

Moving forward, the actor Marco Shoemaker is clearly trying to lure in victims who are seeking to make a living of off trading. In an effort to inspire false hope, he makes promises that his software is going to make them rich overnight and give them the same lifestyle that he portrays. This is a typical scam scenario to lure in weak souls and poor people. We are going to reveal how we know it’s a scam in the next section.

Aurum Tech Review

By digging deeper into the company “Aurum Tech INC“ we were able to find out that its CEO “Marco Shoemaker“ is not a real person. They are hijacking name of the real Aurum Tech, which was founded in 1984 according to However, the fake Aurum Tech was founded in 2016 and will likely only last for around 3 weeks. Or until they are able to illegally generate enough money to satisfy their desires.


Unseemly, the Aurum Tech Scenario writer may as well have been drunk when he was writing the script for the actor. The actor calling himself Marco Shoemaker is clearly says, “You are here on this page because someone invited you.” Then the next words that come out of his lying mouth are “Do not share this with anyone else.“ We are left to wonder, “How were we able to fide this site if he is not allowing everybody to share this filthy scam?”


One more thing, we also noticed that the actual CEO of this company is an actor and he is not even the real CEO! Which makes us ask…

Who is the Real CEO of Aurum Tech?

Apparently, they claim that his name is “Marco Shoemaker“ but no such person exists. The actor in the video is called “David Williams“ and you can view some samples of his acting scenes on his website. If they were legit, and could generate wealth for their members, why use an actor and claim that he is the CEO? That is clearly an absolute lie and raises a red flag indicating they should be on our black list. That actor is actually very popular because he was hired for another scam called “Push Money App“ that we have blacklisted before on our website.

The Fake badges, Are they real?

When you scroll down in Aurum Tech’s website, you will see that they have some badges from trusted brands such as, McAfee and GeoTrust. These badges mean that they have been verified by a 3rd party, but these badges are fake. They are not clickable and they don’t have any links to prove that they’ve been verified by these trusted insurance companies. They have simply taken the badge and put it on their website without any permission or verifications. This is completely unethical and makes the Aurum Tech company untrustworthy.aurum-tech-fake-badge

Aurum Tech in news And What You Don’t Know!

A little bit down, right at the bottom of the website, you will see that Aurum Tech is proudly stating that they have been mentioned in the news by various major news websites such as, CNN, Bloomberg and many others. They even have some screenshots aiming to prove it.


However, all of the screenshots that are shown are completely fake and clearly photoshopped. If you go to any of the major news websites and search for “Aurum Tech“ you will get zero results. That is because these screenshots are fake and photoshopped. We must admit, they have done pretty good job on this scam. One more thing which came to our attention is the testimonials.

Members Testimonials exposed


Markedly, the creators of this fake company and software were able to gather some unique stock photos to offer as real testimonials, this is a typical scam and commonly used these days to increase the trust of the traders. Making it more likely for the trader to deposit the $250 which they will never see again.

Is the Software 100% Free As They Claim?

Surprisingly, it is true. Using the software is 100% free. But, you are required to pay $250 to open up a broker account. Most likely you will be given a shady broker who will steal your money. If you have already lost your money with this scam software, please contact us and we will be glad to give you some tips to get your money back.

Why We Believe Aurum Tech Success Stories is BS!?

As can be seen in the picture below, they claim that the software is 100% free and yeilds a 100% return on all investments. First of all it’s not really a 100% free as we explained why above. But they also lie about the ROI, Aurum Tech has no control over the ROI, this is only managed by the brokers and not the software. Aurum Tech is nothing but a software provider and they do not have any control over the ROI. Many brokers also charge withdrawal fees


The Ultimate Proof Of Scam & Our Personal Experience.

What better proof is there than Aurum Tech’s own confession that everything they have said and done is all fake? Yes! Aurum Tech themselves are saying everything on their website is a load of BS! Just take a look below!


You can see for yourself by clicking HERE. “Please do NOT rely on any software to trade for you.” Almost all of these softwares are scams, if you would like to see other ones, go to our social trading section. There you will find the other ways to trade online.

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