Aurum Bank Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

If you want to invest and earn online using this Hyip, please read our Aurum Bank Review. This fake “bank” is one huge lie and has already scammed thousands of people. It will not stop scamming until people stop putting their money in.

Please forward this review to all of your family and friends who are interested in joining. You will be saving them a huge headache and lots of pain and suffering. We get emails from people every single day who have lost their money to scams. Don’t be one of them.

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If you have lost your money to a financial scam, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money.

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Aurum Bank Review

Aurum Bank Review

Before we began, please take note: Aurum-Bank is NOT a bank. Despite what the name suggests, this website is not a bank, is not affiliated with a bank, and does not operate like a bank. We find it very malicious that they chose to refer to their HYIP scam as a bank. This is just one small way they have attempted to trick you!

Banks must be regulated and insured, and is not regulated nor insured. This means that when you make the decision to deposit with this site, you are taking all the risk upon yourself. If they lose your money, you are not protected! This is a very risky investment and we do NOT support it. is an HYIP scam or “high-yield investment program” scam. They claim to give massive profits on very small deposits. All of their projected ROI (return on investment) are outlandish and highly improbable.

For example, they claim that if you give them $1200 you will get back $5500 after 110 trading days. This seems pretty good, but you have a very low chance of getting any of this money. Keep reading to see what our readers told us!

How Does It Work? describes itself as a team of professional cryptocurrency traders and investors who work in various fields. They even claim to have investments in gold in Africa. Sounds legitimate to most people, and this description serves the purpose of tricking people like you into thinking they are truly doing something with your money.

The truth is more complicated than what you see on their site. First of all, they don’t offer any proof that they trade or have traded in the past. A successful trading company would be able to show a full report on their trading history, including gains and losses.

No proof can be found to support any of the trading claims, but worse yet, all of their photos are stock images from the internet. What appears to be a real company is, in fact, most likely just one or two guys collecting money from various HYIP sites. This scam is “age old” and is easy to catch.

Is there any proof of trading? NO! Is there any proof that people are withdrawing real money? NO!

Ponzi Scheme?

We have already established that they are not trading with your money. So what are they doing with it? You can rest assured that the vast majority of your money is going directly into the pockets of the creators.

Please note: The owners of this scam have deliberately concealed their names from the public. Whenever you come across an earning program that won’t tell you their names and identities, you should prepare yourself to be scammed. Honest people have bo problem showing their face.

Aurum-Bank has chosen to pay the first couple of withdrawals that a new investor takes. The reason for this is so that they can convince the person that they are honest and will pay. Most people test the system by taking a small withdrawal and when the receive it, they immediately deposit more money.

The payments are not coming from trading, they are coming from the Ponzi method. The Ponzi scheme is a system whereby money is paid to investors from the new money that is deposited by investors that join later. These programs can’t last forever because eventually the program will stop attracting new money, and nobody will get paid.

We strongly caution our readers to think twice before joining a Ponzi scheme. They are almost always scams and include false business practices and fraudulent activity.

All of the people that contacted us told the same story. After taking their first successful withdrawal, they put in more money and were then denied further access to their account. The following reasons were given to them.

– The system was hacked.
– The system experienced a glitch.

And most of all, they were told that in order to access their original funds, they needed to put in $1000 to activate their account. Sure enough, as soon as they put this money in, they were shut out and never paid back.

Legitimate Online Earning

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Is a Scam?

After examining the evidence, it is clear that is a scam and cannot be trusted. You may be paid the first time, but expect to find that your future withdrawal requests are denied.

It is possible to earn online, but you must take care and protect your money! Never invest more than you can afford to lose and don’t join sites that lie and mislead their customers.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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