Atomic-horizons Review – Hyip Scam Exposed In Details!

Before you invest your hard earned money online, please read our complete Atomic-horizons Review first! Many review blogs are giving this HYIP site a high score but what we learned will shock you!

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Atomic-horizons Review

Atomic-horizons Review

Atomic horizons is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) 1.7% – 5.9% daily for differing time periods. This seems like a great way to make quick returns on your BTC. However, the truth of the matter is that you have a greater chance of losing your entire investment than you do of making any money.

After having spend the last month monitoring Atomic-horizons HYIP we have come to some pretty clear conclusions concerning their business model and credibility. What we discovered should be enough to make you click off that site and never return. They are NOT worth your time or money!

Nuclear Energy Investments claims to be a nuclear energy investment business and opportunity. They want us to believe that they own and manage several nuclear energy plants around the world. The locations are in Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Despite what they claim, we do not believe they are involved in any sort of nuclear energy businesses. They have no physical address or link to any legitimate nuclear energy association. Anyone can make a lie on the internet, but unless they offer proof, we should never believe them.

Most people fall into the same lie each time. Please remember that just because someone has a nice website online, that doesn’t mean what they say is true! If there is no proof, DO NOT TRUST THEM.

Atomic-horizons scam has offered ZERO credible proof that they are real. We are 100% certain that they do NOT work in nuclear energy.

Is a Ponzi Scheme?

So many of you are probably wondering how they make money. Atomic-horizons scam clearly isn’t making money through nuclear energy so they obvious conclusion is that they are just another Ponzi scheme that recycles money around in order to pay withdrawals.

Once again, we want to remind people that the method by which the website earns money in order to pay withdrawals is VERY important. If they are paying withdrawals but not growing their business successfully, they will eventually stop paying and steal the remaining money.

Atomic-horizons is a Ponzi scam that uses the money from new investors to pay the requested withdrawals of older customers. As soon as the program stops taking in enough new money from new investors, they will stop paying. The only goal that the admin has is to make himself a personal profit. He does this by shutting down the website and turning off withdrawals whenever he feels like it.

Why would you trust such a dubious business plan? It’s all a sham and you are their next victim. Empower yourself and stop becoming their toy!

Is Atomic-Horizons Regulated?

The most concerning part about the Atomic-horizons scam is that they are not regulated or insured. For those of you that don’t know, this means two things.

1. Nobody is monitoring their website for fraud. They do not have to follow any regulatory rules because they never submitted their website for review.

2. When they shut down their website, you will lose your money without any way of getting it back. They offer no insurance to protect their investors against losing their deposit.

Before you join any HYIP site, you should always examine the credential of the CEO or admin of the site. In the case of Atomic-horizons scam we have NO information as to who the owner is.

He is most likely from Russia as we found several instances of Russian phraseology on the site. Many of the recent HYIPs we have busted have originated from Russia, so this makes the most sense.

Whoever, he is, he is NOT interested in being honest with you. He just wants your money. The question is… are you going to give it to him? Hopefully not.

Special Alert! ponzi scam is using the following address to claim that they have a real location.

53-59 Chandos Place

This is actually the location of a pub in London. So unless they are conducting their business in the back of a bar, we can officially state this is a lie.

User Reviews: Is Paying?

We have received scores of complaints about Atomic-horizons HYIP scam. After reading through all of them, we came to a few conclusions.

1. Atomic-horizons scam pays the first few SMALL withdrawals. After you deposit a larger sum of money, they will NEVER return the full investment amount. They may or may not pay a small portion of your return, but not the entire amount.

2. Customers that complained about their withdrawals to the support team found that soon after their account was closed without any warning and their money lost.

If you have had this same experience we are recommending that you contact us for advice. However, if you used BTC, your money is gone forever. Please do not use BTC online unless you are okay with losing it. This might sound harsh, but we are so tired of seeing people losing thousands of dollars in BTC in these useless scam sites. Stop using BTC!!

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Is a Scam?

After reviewing this website we are officially declaring that Atomic horizons is a scam. Please do not join and if you do join, prepare to lose your money.

If you need investment advice, please contact us regarding any questions at all! We are always here to help!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!




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