Asset-Finance Review: Illegal HYIP SCAM Exposed!

You are reading our Asset-finance review. If you are thinking of joining this illegal and dangerous HYIP scam, please think again! Everything you see and read on their website is fraudulent information. They are guilty of falsely misrepresenting their country as well as identity theft.

Do NOT invest with unless you want to throw your money down the drain! Countless negative user reviews and loss of investment has been reported. Be sure to stay away from the viral Lexington Code scam as well!

We have exposed all of their lies below. Let’s take a closer look into what we found when we investigated this scam!

Asset-finance Review

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Asset-finance Review

How Does Make Money?

This HYIP (high yield investment program) claims that it makes it’s money by trading in Forex, Gold, and Stock trading. In other words, when you deposit your money into their website, they use your money to invest in various online investments. Being that they are highly successful traders, they make massive profits. After they reap the benefit of their investments, the pay these returns to you. In short, both you and asset-finance make money.

Now that you’ve read the official description…. What’s the truth?

In reality, asset-finance scam is a cross between a Ponzi scheme and an outright deception. Here’s how it works!

When you make a deposit into one of their plans, you can take a withdrawal as early as your first plan expires, which is at a minimum of 15 days. If you request a withdrawal at this time, it is possible they will give it to you. If you do receive your earnings, you are being paid from the new deposits of members that invested after you did.

For example, your deposit was given to the person who invested before you. This is the way a Ponzi scheme works. Every member’s investment is given to the member below him as his earnings. However, there is a BIG catch… at some point, all of this can stop instantly if no new members deposit.

There is no real way to determine where the money is coming from. Why? Because many members simply do not get paid at all! We have received several complaints from people who are not able to withdraw their supposed earnings. So either is running out of new member deposits, OR they are keeping some of the money for themselves.

How do we know they aren’t trading and making actual profits?

Keep reading to find out!

CEO – Team Fake or Real? has an incredibly transparent and upfront “about us” section. They have nine pictures showing “the team” that heads up and operates asset-finance.  There is only one small problem with their team…

They stole the pictures and created a fake team all from another real investment firm, Brown Capital Managment! That’s right. The entire team pictured on the website was stolen from a different website. Not only that, they changed the names and altered the job descriptions to make it seem like these were different people.

Take a look at the team photo below showing: Oliver Garcia (CEO), Phillip Thomas (Partner & MD), and William Davis (Head of Portfolio Managment). These three men are Duncan Evered, Robert E Hall, and Keith Lee of Brown Capital Management. Team Scam

If Asset-finance is willing and sneaky enough to lie about their entire team of management… what makes you think they are trustworthy enough to handle your money and tell you the truth about their investments? They simply CAN NOT be trusted!

We have already established that the entire “team” is fake! So if the fake team is not real, then who is trading your investment money to make it grow?

This is the real catch. No actual trading is taking place. Nobody is trading at all. The claim that they are trading forex and stocks and gold is 100% false. There is no evidence to support this except for the fake team.

Lesson: The asset-finance team is fake and their identities were stolen from a different website. This makes them guilty of not only scamming their investors but identity theft as well!

What Investment Plans Are There? offers seven uniquely structured investment plans. If you think these plans are real… please read above! For those of you that are simply interested in how they claim to work, let’s take a look at them! Investment Plans

If you deposited $100 into the “After 120 days plan” you could potentially make $1400 in earnings. This figure comes from an investment of the minimum $100 and adding a minimum interest payment of 1400%.

Making $1400 in 120 days from an initial deposit of $100 is pretty damn amazing! But is it realistic?

To be honest, the investment plans in asset-finance aren’t totally far fetched. Most HYIPs and Ponzi schemes promise much higher returns to lure their customers in. We appreciate the smaller ROI (return on investments) advertised here. However, the fact that we have received so many negative user reviews combined with the fake “team” and shady business practices leaves us with a bad view of

User Reviews

Our review site receives hundreds of complaints each week about various online investment sites. We collect and store this information so we can better review products. This is why we need your input! If you have been scammed by any site, please send us a message with your experience. We can use it to help others!

Over the past several months we have taken in dozens of complaints detailing loss of investment about After reading them all, we could never in good faith recommend it to anyone else.

They have a section of “user reviews” on their site. However, all of these photos are simply stolen from other places online, and the quotes are clearly fake. Take a look at the “User” below. This woman’s picture is found in multiple places online. You can view the original picture HERE. 

asset-finance user reviews

So what does this all mean? It means that has gone to an awful lot of trouble to present themselves as being a legitimate investment service when in reality they are not.

1. Fake team.

2. Fake user reviews.

3. No proof of trading or investing.

4. 100% negative user reviews.

Frankly, we are pretty sure that the only people making money off of this scam are the people who recommend it to you. They make an affiliate commission sale each time they can convince one of you to sign up!

Investing Online Scam Free?

Perhaps the most common email we receive is from people who are looking to invest online but are afraid of getting scammed. Most people who have made the honest attempt to earn online have been scammed.

Why is this?

The open nature of the internet has helped scams to flourish. It is very hard to police such a large area, especially since each country has different laws. We predict that this won’t go on much longer. However, for the time being, it is so critical to be safe online. The thread of being scammed is just one way to lose! Many people have been victims of ID theft as well as just having their credit card used without their knowledge.

Some of these investment sites are simply fleecing for personal financial information! Once they have access to it, they will attempt to steal more than just your investment. We have a safe and regulated trading option that is trusted and secure. If you want to make money trading online, please see our review on Social Trading with Tradeo.

If earning with a rev share is something you want to do, please look no further than My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads. Both of these rev shares have a fully transparent FB user group as well as a long history of paying out!

Is Asset-finance a Scam?

After examining all of the evidence, we have concluded that is a scam. Do not invest with this company unless you like losing money!

Please send us a message for investment advice or help getting started earning online! Thank you for reading our Asset-finance Review

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