Apexinvestcenter Review: New HYIP Scam Exposed

Today we are finally releasing a long awaited ApexInvestCenter Review. This investment HYIP has been on our radar for many months as we collected valuable information regarding their operations. We specifically waited for a period to accurately ascertain whether or not they were paying out. As they are an old company (2010), we figured they must have had some early success to stay online for so long… more on this later!

So what did we conclude? Is Apexinvestcenter.com a scam or not?

Unfortunately, after much deliberation, we have officially concluded that it has too many warning signs to be classified as a safe investment. Be aware of Social Trading with Tradeo scam that has also gone totally viral!

If this HYIP has already scammed you, please contact us immediately for help in getting your money back! A safe return of your investment would be a happy ending to this nasty business.

For those of you that have not decided whether to join or not, please read our review before entering. Included in this report, we explain exactly how it works, how it will scam you, as well as a section dedicated to real user reviews!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://apexinvestcenter.com

ApexInvestCenter.com Review


ApexInvestCenter Review

This registered company is defined as an HYIP or high yield investment program. They offer one unique investment program that everyone can participate in. Most HYIPs are scams for the reasons detailed below…

– High yield investment plans are notorious for offering an ROI (return on investment) that is too high to be practical or sustainable.

How much ROI does apexinvestcenter offer?

3% Daily for 60 Days!

For example, if you invest $100 and earn 3% daily for 60 days, you will earn $3 each day for a total of $180 at the end of 60 days. If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because…

It is NOT true!

There are several problems with the business plan above.

No investment program can have a guaranteed ROI unless it is backed up by an insurance company or another backup plan. ApexInvestCenter.com is not insured, and they are not supported by any other funds. This means they cannot guarantee this 3%.

To offer a high return, they need to have a solid investment plan of their own. So where exactly are they investing your money to make this high ROI?

Investment Options: What are they?

ApexInvestCenter Review

The website lists four different methods by which apexinvestcenter.com is using your money to make it grow. They claim to be involved in the following:

-Bitcoin trading
-Forex trading
-Luxury cars
-Real estate

This all sounds pretty legitimate, but is it?

Not at all!

Why are we so sure? Let’s take a look at who the owner is? Who is managing these four investment options?

This is where the big problem comes in. The website fails to provide any information about who owns and manages these investment accounts. As a client, it is your right and your duty to know where your money is going when it leaves your hands. They deny us this by refusing to give us any information on who these people are and what past successes they have had.

Questions that they refuse to answer:

1. Who owns and manages apexinvestcenter.com?

-No answer is given. We did a check on the website and found that the owner is not listed by name. This means that whoever he is, he doesn’t want anyone to know he owns this website.


There are only dubious reasons for keeping your identity hidden when you supposedly manage a highly successful investment portfolio. He is clearly a scam artist who intends on running away with your money as soon as possible.

2. How long as this website been investing?

It is claimed many times on the website that they have been online and working since 2010. This is a HUGE lie. Their website was created in October of 2016, which means they are only a few months old. This flies directly in the face of their claim that they have a long history of paying out.

No, they do not!

Why would they lie about their creation date? There is only one real reason to lie about how long you were in business for. They are trying to seem more established and more successful than they are. This poses a massive problem.

How can they be trusted with your money when they refuse to reveal the owner of their company?

How can they be trusted with your money when the deliberately lie about the duration of their business?

The answer to both those questions is…

They cannot be trusted!

Over the course of the last several weeks, we have gotten a lot of excited emails regarding apexinvestcenter. Most people were reporting that they did get paid indeed! This was kind of exciting and is exactly why we waited so long to release our review. IF people were getting paid, maybe they were not scamming after all.

Despite the red flags we had seen above, we decided to wait patiently and determine if there was some hope that this investment program would be honest and do the right thing by their clients.

That’s when the negative reviews started rolling in. From the information we have gathered we are pretty sure we understand their strategy to scam. When a client first invests with them, they allow them to take their first withdrawal without any problem. This is done to…

Gain their trust!

When the client fully trusts the HYIP, they deposit a much larger sum of money. This is when the withdrawal will stay “pending” and will never actually come. Unfortunately, this happened to a lot of people all at the same time. This is how the scam works. They really in as many unsuspecting clients as possible and then scam them all at the same time, so nobody has time to be warned.

However, they haven’t stopped yet! They were so successful with this plan; they will keep going until enough review blogs pick up on it and expose them for the dirty dogs they are. This way, their customer base will dry up, and they will close down and re-open another name. We have seen it a million times!

Earning with Regulated Methods!

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Is ApexInvestCenter a Scam?

Ask yourself one crucial question that sums up our review. Would you trust a complete stranger with your hard earned money if you caught him lying about how long he has been working in this business? What if he also refuses to tell you his name? Would you give him your money because he has a fancy website alone without wanting other proof?

Now add to this dilemma… what if you heard from other people that he had already scammed them? Would you still trust him then?

Absolutely NOT!

Apexinvestcenter is a scam. They will remain in business until people finally stop trusting them!

If you want to earn money with a legitimate and safe way, please see our suggestions above and message us with any questions. In the meantime, stay safe out there and happy earning!

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