Review – Viral Hyip Scam Exposed With Evidence!

If you want to invest your BTC online, you NEED to read our Review first! In this report, we have exposed the truth behind the scam as well as give you a safer alternative to earn with.

We realize that many of you who read this article are already working with Ambis International scam. If that is the case, please send us a message when they close so we can hear your experiences. If you use BTC to invest with, you won’t be able to get it back, but you can still do better next time.

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 0.15%-0.2% hourly forever. The website does not specify a time of expiration, which makes us wonder if they think we are stupid enough to believe a BTC trade can earn “forever”. They offer daily payouts and have a large following on social media.

Ambis HYIP scam also offers a referral program that seems to bring out all your friends on social media begging and pleading with you to sign up using their link. Let’s be clear, real investment programs don’t need to offer referral links to build up their investor base. This already has the makings of a shady scam and we havne’t even gotten very far.

ALERT!! is listed “for sale” on This means that they are willing to sell their site if the price is accepted. Why would a legitimate and successful BTC trading investment site offer their URL for sale? They wouldn’t! This is proof that their site is owned by scam artists that will shut it down any time they wish and possibly sell it to someone else to manage.

BTC Trading or Ponzi Scam?

When we first began our investigation into scam, we wanted to take a long look at their trading history. After scouring the site we even took our investigation to their FB page where we saw screen shots of trading. However, these pictures are not real trading but only pictures of market conditions.

We were able to quickly deduce that ponzi scam had NOT demonstrated any legitimate proof that they are trading BTC. If they were the specialists they claim to be, they would have no problem showing trading history to their investors.

We have no choice but to believe that Ambis International is a Ponzi scam. A Ponzi scam is when investors are paid their withdrawals (not by trading profits) but by the money deposited by newer investors that join later than the first investors. This is essentially the practice of moving money from one person to another while the admin pockets as much as he wants for his personal profit.

Let’s be clear. Ambis scam is NOT trading BTC with your Bitcoin deposits. They are simply recycling money from one person to the next in the hopes of keeping withdrawals open for as long as possible. While this may sound great, please note a few things.

If is a Ponzi scam and not a BTC trading platform, that means you have been lied to. Would you continue to trust a website that is lying to your face about how they earn money? We won’t take that chance.

Who is Bradley Gough? CEO of Ambis HYIP? gives several names of seemingly real individuals who control and manage the Bitcoin algorithm trading program. They claim that the owner is a man by the name of Mr Bradley Gough. We did some digging into this man’s identity and found absolutely nothing.

A man by the same name is in the diamond business but we found absolutely nothing about BTC trading or BTC prediction based investing. What does this mean? It is highly likely that the Ambis scam creator simply put a fake name on the site to distract people from the truth. Most people believe what they see on a website without looking too deeply.

The video presentation is a text book scam video that is simple to create using any cheesy actor. The entire video is dubbed in a voice over style and has no evidence that it is real. We have seen countless videos that look exactly like this and they are all fake.

If Bradley Gough were real, we should be able to find many videos online where he is being interviewed or giving talks. Such is not the case.

In the case of Mr Bradley Gough we said FAIL! He is not in control of scam.

Who is the real owner of HYIP? The website registration does not give a real name and so we have to mark this as ” unknown”. For those of you that read our blog, you won’t be surprised that this is a HUGE red flag. We recommend never joining any site that is not honest about the owner. Period.

Registered and Legal Business? Is Regulated?

Here we have two important questions. These are very different questions, although some people might assume they are the same. So let’s explain!

Is Ambis scam a legal business?

Yes, Ambis holds a legal certificate from the state of Delaware, which is a part of the USA. However, as you can easily see by searching for their name on the Delaware directory provided on the “about us” page, you will see a statement in red at the top. This statement reads, “This is not a statement of good standing.”

What does that mean? It means that the legal registration of the business DOES NOT mean that the business is “good” or “working”. It means that someone filed paperwork with the state of Delaware to start this business.

Keep in mind that this filing was done in March of 2016, only a few months ago. This doesn’t match up with the claim that they started their business many years ago.

ALL of the recent HYIP scams have held legal business certificates. Please know that this is not proof that a site pays or will continue paying. A registration does not prove that a site is working.

The real question you need to ask is… Is HYIP regulated?

The answer to this question is NO. They are not regulated. This means that no financial authority is watching over them to make sure they follow the rules and pay their investors. Nobody has made sure they are truly trading your money. Nobody has looked at them period.

Don’t be confused into thinking that a legal certificate and a regulation are the same things. They aren’t. We advise only to join regulated programs.

Is Paying?

The final question we will discuss today is probably the one you care about the most. is paying for the time being. However, this doesn’t mean they will continue paying. When we first busted the busyco scam and the btcclock scam, they were both paying as well. Shortly after we published our reviews, both of those sites went offline and thousands of people lost their money.

We predict that will shut down their website sometime in the next 2-3 weeks but possibly much sooner. They WILL not continue for very long after we publish our evidence based review.

You want to make money online! So do we as do millions of other people.

But where to turn? We have compiled a short list of our favorite working and honest programs for you to invest with. If you have any problems with them at all, we want to hear about it! Likewise, if you have been working with a real company that earns you money and is not scamming, please send us the link. We would be glad to investigate it and possibly support it and share it with others if it works.

Below you will see the BEST way to earn online!

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Is a Scam?

Let’s list out the troubling facts.

1. Ambis is not regulated.
2. Bradely Gough is a fake name created to hide the real owners behind.
3. No evidence of BTC trading. Ambis is a Ponzi scam.
4. is for sale on whois .net

We have no choice but to state that is a scam that will close in the next few months. Please share this post on social media to warn your friends and family.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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  • Samo Groos

    I would like to have a conversation about how they scam people. I’ve had some remarkable experiences yesterday, with Ambis (and Bitlake at the same time… ).
    Please let me know.
    I’ve also become so much paranoid as to who is all behind these schemes that I ought it very very much possible that the scam watcher- websites are also in those hands. Just my strong basic instinct of alertness speaking to me.

    • Yes, you are right. All the Hyip monitors are the same people who launch the hyip scams.

      Never, Ever please a hyip monitor. All of them are a bunch of scammers.

      • Samo Groos

        Ok, thank you for your response. And how is this website different from the hype-monitors? What is the incentive?

        • The difference is that we don’t promote scams. You can see that by checking our recommended ways of making money. We don’t promote hyips unless we know for sure that it’s legit. But up until now, we didn’t see any legit hyip. They are all scammers.

  • harry

    Hi, It has proved that is a scam as all support and withdraw has been canceled. I am not sure how such sites works in state without getting noticed by Government agencies.I am also a victim of this scam. Not sure if I get any money.

    • Sokamad

      if u are from uk, they are worst scammers.

  • Juvertz Ramshe

    I believe that right now is scamming because I can not open since 2 days until now still the message appearing as FORBIDDEN You don’t have permission to access /on this server.That means that is the symptoms of scamming and running away our investment

    • My review above says that yes, Ambis is a scam. I wish people would read my review and stop investing with scams.

      • Sokamad

        the website is not reachable since last week. so, i have been scammed…..and that will be for the last time. no more hyip.