Review – Fake Ponzi&Hyip Scam Busted!

Before you get scammed again, please read our complete and investigative Review. You can’t afford to keep losing your money to scams such as Alt-energy HYIP, so please DO NOT join it! There are far better options!

If you are reading this and have already lost your money in this viral scam, please contact us ASAP for advice. In the meantime, be sure to share this post on all your social media accounts to spread the word and shut these people down.

They do not deserve to continue stealing from you! The only way to stop them is by spreading the word about the scam!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 1.2% and 800% after an average length of 300 days. They have daily pay out plans as well as a longer plan that doesn’t pay until the end of the 300 days.

The Alt-energy HYIP claims to be making these profits by taking your money and investing it into lucrative alternative energy sources. They suggest that some of these include, solar energy, wind energy, and hydroelectric energy plants.

However, we discovered that scam is nothing but a Ponzi scheme that uses your money to pad their own pockets as well as manipulate new investors into depositing. How do they do this? We will explain everything you need to know. Keep reading!

The Facts HYIP scam has been operating for a few short weeks. However, in that time, they have gained quite a large following thanks to the support of popular review blogs. The problem we have encountered is that we can find NO hard evidence that this HYIP is investing in alternative energy. They are a fake investment group that uses your money to pay small withdrawals to a new investor to increase their trust.

Don’t believe us? Before you join Alt-energy scam, there are three important questions you should be asking. If you can’t answer these questions, you shouldn’t join this fake HYIP!

1. Who owns and manages Alt-energy Ponzi scam?

The owner of this HYIP has chosen to conceal his identity. From the language and punctuation used on the website, we can safely say he is not a native English speaker. Most of the HYIP scams in the last few weeks have come from Russia but we have also seen several from the Middle East and Nigeria.

The site claims that they have a highly skilled team who works to invest in alternative energy sources. Yet not once do they show this team or give any names or background information. A real investment firm will have no problem showing the owners and team and giving their history in the field. There is only one real reason for not sharing this information… because there isn’t any to share. It’s quite obvious.

2. Is Alt-energy scam regulated and insured?

Absolutely not. In their promotional video, they claim that they are a “legal company” because they have a legal incorporation certificate from the UK. This is true. However, anyone can easily purchase this certificate online without even traveling to the UK. The UK does NOT check them and they are not proven safe.

A true investment firm will need to be regulated and insured. This means that a financial authority is checking on them quite often to make sure they are paying their investors and following the rules. If they carry insurance, it means that if they lose your money, you will be paid back by their insurance company.

Alt-energy Ponzi scam does NOT carry insurance and they are NOT regulated. Without these two things, they aren’t safe. Proof?

The most damning piece of evidence we uncovered is that this fraudulent business is NOT investing in alternative energy at all. They offer zero proof to show what they are doing with your money. This matters!

Legitimate investment sites will give reports on their site that you can download. These reports will detail the investments made and what gains or losses they experienced. The does not offer you any reports or history of their business. The fact is… they are a fake investment firm. They don’t invest money at all.

Why would you trust your hard earned money to a site that doesn’t even show you they are legitimate?

Is a Ponzi scam?

Yes! The facts are clear. Instead of investing in alternative energy sources as they claim, they simply take your money and pay a portion of it to older investors. They do this to increase trust among new members.

These new members are able to withdraw profits so they believe that the site is working. At this point, they invest a greater sum of money which is then passed on to other new members.

This is the Ponzi scheme, where money is shuffled around from one person to the next. The admin of the site also keeps a large sum for his personal wallet and when he feels his site is slowing down, he will shut it down and keep ALL of the remaining money.

Don’t become the next victim in this scam.

Promotional Video Fake!

Please beware. The promotional video on the site is a voice over scam video using random images of business men walking around and office buildings. This video is 100% fake and has no basis in reality.

Is Alt-energy Paying?

Yes. They are currently paying while the Ponzi scam stays in place. They ONLY pay their top affiliates and the newest members who request small withdrawals to test the system. We have been contacted by scores of people who are still waiting on withdrawals going on several days now. These people had trusted the site and invested large amounts.

If you are one of these members, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your money!

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Is a Scam?

After adding up the evidence it is clear that is a scam. Do not join this site unless you want to lose most of your invested funds. Hundreds of people will be scammed by this site and will never be able to get that money back. If you use BTC, your money is completely lost.

If you are a scammer who wants to use our comment section to spread your scam affiliate links, be aware that they will be deleted. You can’t spread your sickness here.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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