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DESCRIPTION: Alive in 5 is an elaborate binary options scam production with high quality actors and sets. Brandon Graham is the supposed creator of this system and the real scammers behind Alive in 5…

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Alive in 5 Scam Review. You have landed on our in depth scam review of Alive in 5 by Brandon Graham, because you are either being targeted by this malicious scam or have a friend or family member that is. Don’t fret, you have come to the right place, and we are sad to inform you that your suspicions about this scam are completely warranted. Please read this review and then protect those around you from this scam as well. Alive in 5 is going totally viral and has already stolen money from scores of new traders that just want to make some extra money with binary options. The evidence really speaks loudly and clearly for itself on this one.

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What is Alive in 5 and Who is Brandon Graham?

Alive in 5 is an elaborate binary options scam production with high quality actors and sets. Brandon Graham is the supposed creator of this system and the real scammers behind Alive in 5 have gone to great and expensive lengths to make sure you believe him. His boyish good looks and hot girlfriend are pretty convincing, but when you cut away all the layers of Hollywood slime, you can clearly see that this entire production is no different than a million others before it. Instead of giving us evidence that his system works, Brandon Graham focuses instead on personal antidotes and showing off his wealthy lifestyle. At times during the video, we aren’t sure if we are viewing a Porsche commercial or a binary options scam video.

Alive in 5 Scam Review

Count the Lies

1. “This offer is only available to the people in your area.” False! Notice how Brandon Graham fails to mention which “area” he is referencing. This is because this video is actually available to ALL areas, under the guise of only being viewable by you and your community. This is a common manipulation tactic employed to make you feel special. Notice at the top of the page, you’ll see that “This offer is only available to US Citizens”. If you change your VPN, depending on where you life, you’ll see a completely different headline, reading, “This offer is only available to the UK” or “This offer is only available to Spain”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter where you live, you will be able to view this video as well as sign up and lose your money. This scam is an equal opportunity thief!

2. Alive in 5 in the News! False! Less than 6 minutes into the promotional video, Brandon Graham reveals several news headlines and articles purporting to show that Alive in 5 is actually in the news, as if it were a real phenomenon. We researched each of these articles and what we unearthed is that not one, not two, but all of these articles are photoshopped forgeries. There isn’t an ounce of truth to any of them.

Alive in 5 Scam Review

3. “Tested, Proven, Real!” False! Don’t let this claim fool you. Watch the entire video and decide for yourself. Not once does Brandon Graham actually prove anything. What proof does Brandon Graham actually show? He certainly flashes a lot of wealth in our face. He parades a bunch of actors pretending to be homeless people in front of the “hidden” cameras. Cute, but not proof. So what is missing here? Namely real proof is what is missing! There are a) no live trading results b) no proof of ITM percentage c) no evidence of money being transferred from broker to bank account. In fact, all of these incredibly important proofs are sadly absent from the Alive in 5 promotional video.

4. Brandon Graham is a real trader who created a fool proof auto trading software! False! We dug and dug and dug. We even attempted multiple times to contact Brandon Graham for ourselves, all to no avail. Brandon Graham doesn’t exist and the man who portrays him in the video is nothing but an actor, whom we’ve seen in previous binary options scam videos. Please understand something about the binary options industry. There is nothing they won’t lie about or do in order to make money. And there is quite a substantial bit of money to be made here! Actors, rented cars, production sets, it’s all a part of the norm. Don’t believe anything you see. These people are scam artists with money to invest into these scams in order to make a huge profit! Brandon Graham is just one in the long list of fake identities they have created to hide behind. He won’t be the last.

5. “Make $1000 in 5 minutes!” False. We took the plunge for the sake of our readers and deposited $250 into this system. In 5 minutes the software was still “looking for a trade”. TWO hours later it finally found a trade it deemed worthy of investing in. We lost. We decided to give it two more tries, and both of the next two trades were also losers. At that point we said “enough is enough” and pulled our money out. This proves that this system is nothing but a fraud. Not only did we not make $1000 in 5 minutes, we didn’t make ANY money. In fact, we lost about $70 before we decided to stop the system from trading away what little we had left. This system is a total failure and not worth a minute (much less 5) of your day.

In Conclusion

Alive in 5 fails in every possible way to make millionaires. The only thing it can do is put more honest, hard working individuals into more debt as they borrow money to afford the initial deposit. There is nothing more dangerous than a fancy scam, and this scam falls right into that category. It offers no evidence of any actual trading nor does it show proof of withdrawals from the broker to the bank account. If you are the kind of person that is attracted to flashy and shiny object, this scam is geared towards you. Notice how everything about Alive in 5 is a show case of “wealth”. This is just a very common manipulation tactic used to trick you into signing up. Don’t be a shiny object victim here!

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Conclusions and verdicts : Alive in 5 is a scam and should be avoided.


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