Alibabainv Review- HYIP Scam Exposed!

Welcome to our Alibabainv review! Included in this report is everything you need to know about this HYIP scam as well as our investment advice. If you are thinking of depositing money into one of their plans, you absolutely need to read our review first! is a dangerous and malicious scam that has already stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do NOT trust them!

If you are reading this review after losing your money, please contact us for advice on how to reclaim your money. There are several ways in which we can help you get your money back. If you have any other financial earning program you’d like us to investigate, please send it over and we’ll research it for you!

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Alibabainv Scam

Alibabainv Review: What Is It? is a high yield investment program that promises large returns on relatively small investments in a short period of time. This scam is defined as a HYIP and has been blacklisted by almost every reputable review site. This program is being advertised to low income folks who are in need of funds. 2016 has been one of the busiest years for HYIP scams, as they have raked in millions of dollars. We busted two similar scams recently, Earn Tech and

They do have a valid business license based in the UK, but this doesn’t mean a thing. In order to register a business with the UK, all you need to do is have a name and an explanation of what your business intends on doing. The UK does not require any proof that your business works or any verification of your investment plans. All of the recent HYIP scams to come out have been registered in the UK. We predict that this will eventually be shut down.

What Investment Plans Are Offered? currently offers 7 unique investment plans. All of them qualify as short term plans, with the longest lasting only 15 days! All of these plans include an incredibly high ROI (return on investment) that define the meaning of “too good to be true”. Please take a long look at these plans and ask yourself, “where does all this money come from?” It is fun to believe that something like this was truly real, but you can’t just believe money into reality! That’s not how this works. There must be a real logic behind this.

Alibabainv Review

For example, claims that if you deposit $500 into the VIP plan, you will earn 200% after only one day. If this were true, you’d collect $1000 after only one day. For this to be feasible, this investment company is one of the most successful investment platforms on the face of the earth and everyone should be using them. As we all know, that’s just not the case. Nothing about this is realistic! Let’s take a look at where this money supposedly comes from.

How Does Invest Your Money?

Very little information is given regarding the origin of the supposed earnings. In fact, the only thing they claim is that “Our company consists of highly motivated experienced professionals in many areas of financial activity.” This is a very fancy way of saying absolutely NOTHING. is offering HUGE returns and super high percentages of interest on your investment and they can’t even really explain how this works? Claiming they have a team of motivated professionals means ZERO.

The truth is that is operated by financial fraudsters who do not invest your money at all. They simply collect what you give them, place it in their bank account and run away. This type of financial HYIP scam is becoming one of the most popular ways to scam people. They promise you something that seems like your dream come true, and when you deposit your money, they will scam you for each dollar.

The only way this HYIP scam makes money is by lying and manipulating YOU. They aren’t investing it. They don’t have a team of professionals. They simply have a nice website. So many people have lost their money with this and yet people continue to trust them.

User Reviews!

The most important thing to examine before joining any financial investment group is user reviews. It’s easy to get excited but in the end, the only thing that really matters is whether or not something works. You wouldn’t trust a stranger with your money, would you? You’d want to talk to other people that worked with that person in the past to find out if they could be trusted. The same is true of online financial groups.

The sad thing is that SO many people fall for this scam over and over again. It’s amazing how a complete stranger on the internet can convince someone to invest money without offering any proof! So let’s take a look at the proof!

Our website has collected over 30 customer complaints about The typical experience for an investor is that they deposit their money and when it comes time to take a withdrawal they are told there is a delay with the payment processor. After a few days go by, the customer attempts to contact the company go ignored. Soon after this, their account is shut down and they can’t log into the account anymore. When they try to contact the support, they are ignored. This is a very normal HYIP scam experience. For those of you that have gone through this before, you know what we mean!

There are no positive reports of anyone actually making money with This company has failed everyone!

Who Can You Trust?

It’s no joke that everyone needs money these days. However, some people are more desperate than others. We know how it feels to read the enticing investment plans and imagine how much better our life would be if we could easily make $500 in one day based on their VIP plan. It sounds like the answer to all your problems! Please don’t be fooled. This HYIP scam is NOT real. Don’t become one of those people that have been scammed. There are better options!

We will not offer you the high returns that HYIP scams do, but we can offer you a regulated way to earn money online without being scammed. If you are interested in trading online with a trusted forex broker, we recommend you to read our Social Trading with Tradeo review. If trading is not for you, and you are looking for something more basic, please see our review of My Paying Ads. Both of these companies are legitimate and trusted. You won’t become a millionaire over night but you can earn a nice second income!

Is a Scam?

The evidence speaks clearly for itself. We have determined and proven above that is a scam! The following facts are indisputable.

1. The owner and trading team of has obscured their identity and are not transparent.

2. The investment plans listed off and ROI and time period that is NOT realistic or achievable.

3. No information is given about how the money is made or where it is being invested in order to give you a profit.

4. User reviews are 100% negative. Nobody as actually made any money or taken a withdrawal!

For these reasons and more, we do not advise investing with Please send us a message with any other HYIP or trading program you would like us to investigate!

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