An Unbiased Review of Algo Trading Robot Scam

Hi! Welcome to our review of the Algo Trading Robot . Before you invest a single penny into this downright shady scam be sure to read this review.

First of all, there are many binary option auto traders out there all out to steal your hard earned money. If it seems too good to be true then it probably is! Algo Trading Robot scam fits right into this category.

Let’s take a closer look!

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Algo Trading Robot Scam

Algo Trading Robot Review

As with almost all of these devious scams the scene is set with scenes of expensive looking yachts, families having the time of their lives on holiday or supercars. Yes, you get the idea, if you use our AutoTrader you will be living the high life in a matter of weeks! Hmmm, very unlikely. Interspersed between these images are ‘real life’ stories of ‘ordinary’ people who are making $1000’s a day. They tell us they have no experience of binary options or know anything about the business world!!

Surely, if it were that easy every man and his dog would be a millionaire! Sign up with just $250 and within a month you could be earning $15-20k! Also, don’t forget as soon as you earn your first $20k they will need a testimonial! Nobody that will be giving any money to this nasty scam will be writing a testimonial!

Straight away our suspicions are aroused by the fact that there is only 1 space available within the UK and you should register without delay to get your spot. Really? If this auto trader is as good as the actor says it is then surely they will open it up to anyone and everyone! Also, as you can see on the bottom right of the picture there is always someone appearing who has just made ‘X’ amount of dollars. Another technique to try to get you parting with your money.

The Algo Trading Robot Scam Exposed

Algo Trading Robot Review

We are told by the actor that an Oxford University professor has developed the most sophisticated software ever with a win ratio of 88.7%. That’s an extremely high win ratio, considering anything over 70% is considered excellent. We are then told that over 4 years the trading robot has been successful in 1,041 days out of 1,042 days, losing trades on just one day. For a start that is pretty unbelievable, let alone not adding up to 88.7% win ratio! Something doesn’t quite add up here. Stay away from the dangerous Turbine Xo Scam!

Then we come to the creator of the Algo Trading Robot . A Professor of maths at Oxford University. Having read Edward Thorp’s 1962 book ‘beat the dealer’, he decided to create an algorithm to predict short term trading patterns. This for a start is nigh on impossible, as anyone who has worked on the stock  market will tell you. A search for Stanley Nash at the University of Oxford unsurprisingly returns nothing other than a professor of Hebrew literature at the Hebrew Union College, New York campus! A professor Stanley Nash does indeed exist, but not the one we’re looking for!  

According to the actor, he made an estimated $157 million from this algorithm! I’m pretty sure that if he had made that sort of money he would be somewhere on the web! To go along with this web of lies he was also the founder of the ‘Oracle investment group’ based in Oxfordshire, only this group was shut down by other hedge funds for making too much money in 2011! What a coincidence that there is no history of this multi-millionaire group of mathematicians and physicians!

Is Algo Trading Robot a Scam?

As we are drawing to a close on the video we are told now that there are now 17 free spaces, but for one day only! If you do not invest today you will have to pay $2997 in a month when the robot is released to the world, even though we were told earlier that there would only be one space made available in the UK! If you go back to the video tomorrow, or the day after or any other day for that matter, then you will only get one day to secure your free spot!

Algo Trading Robot Scam Exposed

The evidence points towards this auto trader being one complete and shameless scam that will drain your money, which we suggest you stay well away from. Be sure to read our review of Coinomia!

Algo Trading Robot is a SCAM!

If you are interested in trading online with a regulated broker, please check out Social Trading with Tradeo. For a safe way to earn online please read our My Paying Ads review.

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