Algo Master System Review: Yet Another Scam Exposed 2016!

Introduction to Algo Master System:

The Algo Master System is a new addition in the already populated list of scammed software. It is a binary trading options software. This software is alleged to be developed and owned by a person having an entirely fake alias. James Torn, makes a lot of lucrative claims in the promo video. You can view it over the site of Algo Master System.

Here in this article, we are going to expose another heinous scam. The sole aim of this scam is to earn easy money by grabbing the hard-earned cash from the subscribers who lack knowledge about such scams. Don’t worry because we won’t let you fall prey to the Algo Master System scam. The reason is, we are going to unveil various aspects in the next section of Algo Master System Review.

Algo Master System Scam Review:

There are multiple points which are sufficient enough to back our claims in this regards. In this  section , we are going to discuss each of them individually.

  • Anatomy of the System Unexplained:

In the promotional video, the impersonator with fake alias, named as James Torn introduces this software and claims it to be the best one. Time and again, he keeps on repeating his words or rewording his own statements which is not more than fluff. There is no any description as how did the software come out. There is no description about the internal anatomy of the software as well.

It’s quite alright to keep the key information concealed but terming it in a manner where the viewer thinks of it as something divine, is quite a deceptive tactic. He keeps on saying that he “discovered” the application. Now he wants to publicize it for the subscribers to use and bet benefitted. This claim is unreasonable, illogical and unfeasible in both the domains. Be it Software Developing or be it Binary Trading Options.

  • Full Risk Disclosure Page Unavailable:

In the video, the man with the fake alias of James Torn, keeps saying that prior to subscription, the viewers should take a look at the disclosure page. To our surprise, we tried our utmost best to find a full risk disclosure document over the website but we couldn’t find any. There is no link over the website which redirects you to the disclosure page neither any information is given in the video.


  • Non-Exiting Company:

James Torn claims that he is the owner and C.E.O of a company whose name is The Algo Master System, Malibu, CA. USA. We tried to run a cross check of the statements against the list of registered companies in United States. We couldn’t find a single company, with even the slightest similarity to the company name we mentioned above. In conclusion, there is no such company as The Algo Master System. All of it is a part of a heinous financial drama which resulted in the Algo Master Sytem scam.

 Algo Master System Review

  • Malicious Way of Trade:

The fabricated marketing style of the software, makes it even more abhoring. The subscribers see hundreds of fabricated results on their screens. These results are not real, they are hard-coded instead. Secondly, the tagline of “Third Party Verified Results” adds further suspicion. Consequently, if a software is legit, third party tool should not be involved. .

Indeed it is not more than total bluff which only aims to befoul and contaminate the minds of the people. These tricks are just to promote scammed software which the Algo Master System actually is.

Not to rule out further weak points which we noticed in the results, the missing values makes it even more suspicious. For instance, there is no any information on the strike rates.

Similarly, no any clue about the entry or expiration time and the random fluctuations in balance details.


  • Bonus Traps:

The manipulators behind the notorious Algo Master Scam are quite skillful in trapping the traders. They are offering multiple cash bonuses to the potential traders thus keeping them intact.  Most noteworthy, those with even a significant experience in the field of binary options, can’t understand this simple tactic.  The reason is, their eyes are on the lucrative deals. Well this is the case even with the registered brokers.

The sellers of Algo Master System make you feel that you are a person of value and a trader with skill. You have to trade via trading points within a stipulated time. Failure to meet the needs will consequently leave you empty handed. And even if you meet the needs, there is still no chance of refund.

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Binary Scam Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

Finally, after unraveling many credible points folded in the Algo Master System scam, we have drawn a conclusion. We have not made use of any intuition. Rather it is based on merit-based investigation.

The Algo Master System is another malicious addition in the world of scam software. We strongly prohibit  to go for this software if you want your money to stay safe.



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