Algo Cash Master Scam Exposed: An Unbiased Review

Introduction to Algo Cash Master System:

Binary options have revolutionized the way people used to do trading. Every day, we observe hundreds of new software bots making their way into the market. Every company claims its auto trading bot to be the best one. Little do they know, that in binary options no such thing as a bot, can trade on behalf of a human. Consequently, traders who lack knowledge, fall prey to such scams.

Here we are, about to unravel another scam story of yet another auto trading bot. The Algo Cash Master is just making its way into the market. The impersonator in the promotional video, who introduces himself as Michael A. Wright, well hopefully a fake alias holder, is seen making alluring claims. Furthermore, he also mentions in the video that Algo Cash Master is a “controversial hack”. For aged and experienced traders of binary options definitely, it makes no sense.


Here in this article, we are going to unveil the Algo Cash Master Scam. In the next section of Algo Cash Master review, we will be analyzing the software from every aspect.

Algo Cash Master Review: Legit or Another Scam:

Let’s find out the basis which makes the Algo Cash Master no different than any other scam.

  • Infeasible Profits Claim:

Michael A. Wright claims in the promo video that a trader can earn $3000 in a single day. This claim is indeed unnatural and a lie upfront. This offer may attract the attention of many new traders who want to earn quick-money. But for seasoned forex and binary options traders, it is nothing more than deception. Furthermore, an auto trading bot lacks human intellect and instinct. How can it be so damn good so as to return a huge amount to every subscriber? Indeed it can’t.


  • Poorly Designed Website:

If you are going to sell something legit, you always make efforts to make it look presentable. First of all, the page which the people always look for is the “About Us” page. And if you are browsing the Algo Cash Master site, there is no any About Us page at all. Since it is one of the most important factors is website design and yet they have ignored it, how can they be trusted to have built a software which generates huge profits? Also, there is no any customer support chat box. Means if you have a question you might want to ask, well you can’t.


  • Mismatched Information:

In the promotional video, the fake alias holder named as Michael A. Wright, claim time and again that this software delivers profits at all times. He also claims that if you don’t earn any money at the start, you can have a thousand pounds from us. We tried to run a cross-check and clicked on the “Risk Disclaimer” link. To our surprise, we were astonished to see how deceptive they can be just for money. Usually, the newbie traders don’t bother to dig deeper. Now they don’t even have to. Because it has become our responsibility. In the Risk Claimer, it was mentioned as if the investment ends in loss due to market conditions; it’s the trader who will be losing all his money. The Algo Cash Master will not take any responsibility.

Algo Cash Master Scam 3


  • Public Testament of being a Hack:

At the start of the promo video, the man from the fancy car, testifies himself that it is a hack. Being more specific, he calls it to be a “controversial hack”. Not only did he makes this claim open-heartedly, but also he has termed it synonymous to the Zulander Hack. For those with even a little bit of information about the internet clearly, know what a hack is. Who on earth will get inspired from this video and will trust on such a software which doesn’t even uses clean methods? As for us, nobody will. Unless someone is extra rich and his money keeps escaping his pockets.

This is a strong point which clearly portrays the actual side of the Algo Cash Master scam. Furthermore, he doesn’t even stops and keeps on saying that this software will turn just $1 into $532 a day. Which is indeed impossible and way out of the league for any clean software to accomplish.

Algo Cash Master Scam 2


  • Un-clickable Badges:

Same as any other scam we have exposed till now, it also follows the same traits. While browsing the website, the user may come across some security badges. These are to attract the newbies to entrust them with the idea of being legit. If you click on the badges, you end up nowhere. Hence, it is another clear point making the Algo Cash Master scam more heinous.

Algo Cash Master Scam 1

  • Similar Scams to Beware from:

Apart from this, there are other scams of similar nature. We strongly advice our readers to take a look at these for further insight.

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Binary Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

The facts made after investigation, led us to conclude that Algo Cash Master Scam is another malicious tool. The only intent is to rob-off the traders which they have saved after much struggle. Don’t worry as you are not amongst the lost souls. The main reason is, we don’t let our readers go crazy about these illegal deals of money making. In short, beware of the Algo Cash Master scam and don’t ever bother to listen to the lucrative deals these scammers offer.


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