Advisorinvest Review: HYIP Scam Exposed & Not Paying!

This Advisorinvest review exposes and shames not merely this particular HYIP site but also the entire fraudulent network of investment sites currently operating online. We must stress…

Do NOT join!

Advirorinvest is a scam and is NOT paying. Do not believe the scam artists online that claim it is paying only to send you their personal referral link in the hopes of getting a commission payment. These people do not have your best interest at heart. They are lying in order to make money.

As we will explain below, the entire HYIP (high yield investment program) industry is built on lies and deception. None of them pay long term and all of them open their website with the sole intention of collecting as much money as possible before closing up. No government authority polices them so they can essentially get away with fraud at a staggering rate.

Keep reading as we show you how this works and why joining is a bad idea!

Let’s get started!

Official Website:

Advisorinvest Review

Advisorinvest Review

This website is a new high yield investment program that opened in October of 2016. Since that day they have offered several short term investment options that promise incredibly high ROI (return on investment). Let’s examine the key facts about this website to determine if they are authentic or not.

Who owns and operates

Nobody knows!

That’s correct. There is no valid information about who owns this investment site. The website lists the date is was created and the hosting service but the name and origin of the creator is kept private. The website also chooses not to reveal this to us, and leaves it out on purpose. We believe that this is a deliberate omission with the intent to hide their identity.

Why would a so-called successful website hide their creator from the public? There is no good reason for this other than that they don’t want to have a bad reputation when they scam all of their customers.

Ask yourself this question… would you give your money to a stranger on the street if they promised to invest it for you? Hopefully not? Just because they have a nice look website, that doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. Please understand this simple fact…

ANYONE can open a website and link payment processors to it. Anyone. There is no regulation or control over this. Someone who just walked out of a jailhouse can do it and sit back on his couch and start collecting money from innocent and naive online investors. When he has collected enough, he will take the site offline and open a new one.

This cycle can and will continue for as long as no internet authority shuts it down. For the time being, we don’t foresee that happening anytime soon.

How Do They Make Money?

The craziest thing about is that they don’t tell us how they plan on using our money to make profits. Their “about us” section is one if the weirdest things we’ve ever read on an HYIP site. They make several audacious claims about their site without offering any proof at all. Such as…

“We are a market leader in the stock market.” – quote from their “about us” section.

There is NO proof for this claim and more than that; there is proof that it is a false statement.

To be a “market leader,” you would need to be featured in investment journals and magazines. Advisorinvest does not exist on any reputable site. We do know that it is only four months old. Scam

A financial investment site that is only four months old is not old enough to be an “industry market leader”.

This is so obviously false it made us cringe. Guys, please don’t fall for this stuff. They say whatever they think sounds good and in order to manipulate you into investing money.

So back to the original question. How is this so-called “investment program” actually increasing your money?

They aren’t. They are not trading binary options. They are not investing in forex or bitcoin. Their entire website is a fake offer.

“Invest with us and we will put your money into the stock market and then give you the profits.” – This paraphrase of their offer to you is 100% false. They have failed in every way to provide you the proof you require in order to trust them.

Lesson: A legitimate trading/investment company that is federally regulated and insured will be able to show you a portfolio of their past experience. does not have this proof and therefore is not regulated and not trustworthy.

Investment Plans

There are at least 15 different investment plans to chose from. All of them share one thing in common. They offer incredibly high interest in a short amount of time. This is not feasible or realistic and they are flat out lying to you.

The “team of experts” aka “team of scammers” are merely pulling numbers out of the air and putting them on their site. They don’t and never did intend upon actually paying any of these numbers.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

If you deposit $30 into one of the plans, within 30 days you will be credited $250. For those of us that work in this industry, we know this is false. Nobody can make these profits in such a short amount of time.

When you hear an offer that sounds too good to be true…

Avoid it.

We review about 5-6 HYIPs a week, and we have learned several key facts about them.

1. If they refuse to tell you who their owner is…. they are a scam.

2. If they don’t show you their past trading history and investment successes…. they are a scam.

3. If they promise returns that are too good to be true… they are a scam.

But the most important part of examining any investment site is…

User Reviews

What are the real users saying about

We began officially collecting feedback about as of October of 2016. At first, it seemed like they were paying withdrawals. Initial reports were favorable. Sometimes, even HYIP scams pay in the first few months because they want and need to increase trust and popularity about their website.

After a few weeks went by we found a few people who were waiting on $500-$1000 withdrawals that were pending but never came. Those people never got their money. They kept getting excuse after excuse as to why the payment was still pending. They eventually gave up waiting and moved on.

That money is sitting in the hands of the evil scam artist who operate this website. They are nothing but filthy crooks who know exactly what they are doing and they do it well. Nobody is making large amounts of money with this scam except for the people who created the site. This is the same tactic used by Nuvo Finance!

These same individuals are mostly likely running multiple other HYIP sites as well. It takes a couple of days to create this type of thing, and in about a week you can have money rolling in. All fake folks!

Stay away from HYIPs!

They are NOT regulated and follow no rules.

Lesson: Trusting an HYIP like advisorinvest is no different than giving your money to a shady businessman in your city who wears a mask to conceal his identity. These people are professional thieves, and they are banking millions.

Wise Investing and Successfully Earning!

Even though this industry is currently infiltrated with scams, there are programs that are regulated and honest! Check our list below for our personal favorites!

1. Tradeo – A regulated forex broker that offers automatic trading (hands-free). Minimum deposit is $250. Don’t mess around! Make sure you get the best settings and best traders to copy by emailing us after signing up!

2. My Paying Ads – We have a BIG crush on this amazing program. It has been running for two years now, and we have made quite a bit of money with it. They have a Facebook group with eighty-three thousand members and have never failed to pay us!

3. My Paying Crypto Ads – Want to use bitcoin to earn? This is the program you need to join! It has all the same benefits as My Paying Ads but only deals in BTC!

Is a Scam?

The current status is NOT PAYING. You may be confused because you will see other websites and comments claiming they are paying. Don’t be tricked… they are just promoting their affiliate link in order to get commission payments! is a scam.

If you are looking to make real money online, please see our suggestions above. Message us with any questions!

Stay safe out there and….

Happy Earnings!

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