7 Figure Months Scam Review

7 Figure Months Scam Review. Today we take an in-depth look into the claims and hype surround the 7 Figure Months scam. This newly released binary options trading robot is going viral. The creators of this automated software are spamming the email boxes of thousands of traders with the hopes of tricking most of them into signing up. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just finished researching this new scam software and below you will find a report on our findings. Our conclusion is clear. 7 Figure Months is a scam, and one that should be tossed right into the trash!

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DESCRIPTION: he creators of this automated software are spamming the email boxes of thousands of traders with the hopes of tricking most of them into signing up…

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7 Figure Months; the Automated Trading Robot Scam

7 Figure Months fraud is a very easy to use trading software that will place your trades automatically. This requires no work on your part, which is why it is so attractive to so many people. Automated trading softwares get the most attention of any binary options method because they are so user-friendly. However, just like the Option Robot scam, this useless piece of software does nothing but lose your money.

Who is Martin Saunders?

Martin Saunders is the CEO and self proclaimed trading genius who has just released the 7 Figure Months scam software. He showcases his rich lifestyle by flashing cars, mansions, and gorgeous holidays on the screen. He goes on to claim that in the last month, he’s made 21 of his friends and family millionaires just by allowing them to use the 7 Figure Months trading software for free.

7 Figure Months

7 Figure Months

Don’t be fooled by his smile and fake office. Martin Saunders is an actor portraying a man that doesn’t exist in reality. The 7 Figure Months software is not a real company and Martin Saunders isn’t the CEO of anything. Yes, he has a trading robot that he will give you for free, and yes, this trading robot will take trades for you on the market. However, the system itself is not regulated, works with shady brokers, and doesn’t live up to the lofty claims. Martin Saunders is not a real person and should be called out for the liar he is. Another fake CEO was exposed HERE!

Is it really free?

Sure. The trading software is free, but in order to even use it or see it in action you are required to deposit $250 into a broker account. Most of these brokers are not regulated and will simply take your money and then scam you into accepting a bonus offer which will nullify any profits you do happen to make. Martin Saunders claims he doesn’t want your money, but the people behind this shady scam will make money regardless. They make money each time one of you signs up with their broker! Another scam to avoid that uses this same claim can be SEEN HERE.

Do Binary Options robots work?

Most binary options trading robots do not work, and are not intended to work. The money generated from these robots comes from commission sales from the broker paid to the creator of the scam. This is simply the sad truth of the matter. There are a very select few binary robots that work, but this is not one of them. You will the complete list of trading softwares we support on our Recommended Signals page. However, the best way to trade online is with Tradeo, a regulated broker that allows you to automatically copy successful traders online.

But the video of 7 Figure Months shows real trades and real accounts earning money!

This is false. If you click on the Disclaimer page you will read a large section where the website openly admits that these results are from hypothetical and simulated demo accounts. None of the profits are real and none of the accounts are real. This is the perfect example of a disgusting robot scam, covering themselves from liability but openly admitting that they are faking all of their results. It is up to you as the trader to read the disclaimer before signing up. When you sign up you are agreeing to the disclaimer even if you did not read it. See below on the disclaimer where it admits this fact. It’s unfortunate that all scams don’t admit this. This scam does not and should be called out, READ HERE.

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The Loophole Scam

7 Figure Months tells us that their great financial success is due completely to a “secret loophole” in the binary options market. Let’s clear that up. There are NO secret loopholes in the binary options market. Using the word ‘loophole” is a fancy way of saying, “secret path”. All strategies and predictors of the binary options market are exposed and open to anyone who wants to put in the research. There are NO secret paths ie: loopholes. This is much like all the weight loss scammers who claim a pill contains the secret formula to losing weight. There is no secret formula, only hard work and dedication. Another recent scam that has claimed to have discovered a loophole is the Quantum Code scam.Signals

Anyone who tells you they found a secret path ie: loophole in the binary options market is lying to you. Furthermore, anyone that tells you that you must keep their website a secret is also lying to you. The 7 Figure Months website is not being kept a secret, it is being emailed to thousands of people as we speak. When they claim they have a secret loophole that you have to promise not to tell anyone about, they are employing an ancient manipulation tactic of secrecy. There are no secrets here, don’t be fooled into thinking there is one. To keep yourself safe while trading READ HERE!

Drawing the Conclusion

After examining all the information in front of us, we have no other option but to conclude that 7 Figure Months is nothing but a devious scam. If you have been personally scammed by this or any other company, please contact us as we will give you some good advice.

In the meantime, please read our post on keeping yourself safe while trading, as well as checking out Tradeo. Please check us out on Facebook and on Youtube!

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