428r.com Review: HYIP Scam Destroyed!

If you are considering making money – you need to read our official 428r.com review before joining! This high yield investment program is nothing but a scam that is not paying and we will show you why!

Included in our report is an explanation for why these fraud sites keep popping up and why they are getting away with it. Now is the time to take action and stop them in their tracks. Until people stop joining, they will not stop stealing.

Education is the best way to prevent HYIP scams and to help people make real money in the process. If you have already fallen victim to this scam, please contact us at once for advice on how to get back your money. We will do our best to help you.

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://428r.com/

428r.com Review

428r.com Limited Review

So who are they and what can they offer you? Let’s take a look at what we know about this investment website. They opened their website in 2015 and have been online for over a year now. They are an officially registered company out of the UK, which isn’t as important as it sounds.

Almost every HYIP that we exposed this past year has been an officially registered company out of the UK. The only think needed to register your business in the UK is the intent to have a service for your customers and a statement about the nature of your business.

NO proof is required that your company works. The UK business registration process is not to be mistaken for a “regulatory office.” In other words, they do NOT regulate or monitor companies. They only thing they care about is taxes and whether or not they are collecting the tax due to them. These scams routinely tout their business license as if it were proof that they are not scammers.

This is a misdirection.

Don’t be fooled by this tactic. The most important information we need about 428r.com is missing!

What Do We Know?

This section should be titled… “We don’t know anything!”.

1. Who owns and operates 428r Limited?

We don’t know. Nobody knows. Their website was registered anonymously. They have deliberately concealed the name and history of the person who started this “investment” website. At least they don’t include a fake owner in their story like Nuvo Finance does.

2. How do they make money?

No information is given as to how they make money. However, in the “about us” section on their website, they claim to be a “worldwide respected investment firm.” How is it possible to be the world wide famous investment company that has no known owner and no information regarding how they trade to make money.

3. What is their history and past success and fail rate at investing?

Once again, zero information is given to this regard. A reputable and legitimate investment firm would disclose a full history of how they make money and what their win/loss rate was in the last years. They would need to show proof of their gains and losses and capital. 428r Limited failed to demonstrate any of this.

Would you trust your hard earned money with an investment website that fails to show you even one shred of proof that they work? Of course not!

Investment Options

HYIPs are defined by their attractive investment programs. Included in 428r Limited are four different investment options that range in length from seven to sixty days. Each program offers a different ROI (return on investment). Let’s take a look at the four plans!

428r.com Investment Scam

In Plan 1 you are told that for a minimum investment of $10 you can earn 2.2% daily for 15 days. This would give you a profit of about $14. It doesn’t seem like much, but imagine investing $300 into this plan. You would now have almost $100 in earnings by the end of fifteen days.

If you invest $50 into Plan 4, with an ROI of 370%, you will make about 18$ in profits within the 60-day program length. These plans are designed to grow your deposit as quickly as possible in a very short period.

This is the very definition of an HYIP. You are offered something that, frankly, sounds too good to be true. And like a thousand HYIPs before it, this one also fails to provide you with any proof that these numbers are backed up with facts.

User Reviews

As of our last check, this HYIP has not been paying for several months now. So why are they still open?

The real mystery of the HYIP scam is how a flat out fraud can be allowed to keep their website online without being put into prison. There are a few reasons why this is still happening and why this particular site stays online even though it doesn’t pay withdrawals. Below are the two reasons most scams get away with stealing your money.

1. Included on their website is a disclaimer that you may or may not get paid depending on the success of their “investing team.” When they refuse to pay you, they just claim that the market was bad and they lost the money, but in reality, they are pocketing it.

2. The website is mostly likely owned by someone in a country that turns a blind eye to money fraud. If so, good luck ever getting justice. Many poor countries simply do not have the time or resources to go after online scams. These countries are explicitly targeting customers from Nigeria. This country makes up 99% of the customer complaints we have received from all the recent HYIP scams.

At the end of the day, nothing about 428r.com matters except if they are paying or not. We have a total of over 60 messages from our readers that say…

NO withdrawals!

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Is 428r.com a Scam?

After examining all the evidence, we concluded that 428r Limited is a scam. Avoid it at all costs. There is nothing worse than helping an online scammer get rich. Use your money wisely and help yourself instead!

Scams are opening daily, and the people behind this HYIP are operating several other HYIP’s as well. They are fleecing as many people as they can before internet laws come out preventing this type of thing. As impressive as it is to have a free internet until an international task force is implemented to fight scams, these frauds won’t stop.

Take care of your money and be cautious! And as always….

Happy Earning!

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