30 Day Change Scam Connection with 97 Partners (The Only Review)

Welcome to our comprehensive and investigative report on two identical scams released over the last year. It’s called the 30 Day Change Scam and 97 Partners Scam and  This fraud network is extremely dangerous and working together over the course of the last year, they have scammed thousands of people! If you have been targeted by either of these nasty conglomerates, we advise you to stay away from them as if your money depended on it (because it does).

We expose financial scams on a daily basis through this blog, but we rarely see two scams using the same actors, same sales pitch, and same video as we have seen here. You will be shocked when you realize that the 30 Day Change and 97 Partners is the same nasty pile of lies. Herein lies a much larger problem. Scores of new binary options scams are being released each month. We need your help in catching them all!

If you have been scammed by either of these or any other financial scam, please contact us immediately for tips on how to reclaim your money! In the meantime see below to see how we caught these cheap scammers in their scheme!

Official Website: http://30daychange.co/

The 2nd Official Website: http://97partners.co/

30 day change scam

What is 30 Day Change and 97 Partners?

Both of these scams are the same video with different titles. They are binary options auto trading software that claim to be able to make you a millionaire in only a few months time. The fake creator of these scams tells you that he will take 3% of your earnings and you can keep the remaining 97%. The only problem with this load of hogwash is that nobody we spoke with has actually made any money at all!

How can this be? Simple. For those of us that have been working in the binary options industry for as long as we have, we know the great underbelly of scam strategies. Most binary options auto traders are simply bogus software that purposefully trade bad signals in order to make the user lose his money. We are often asked, “How does the scamming thief make money this way?”

The answer to that is pretty simple. Unregulated brokers pay a bonus to people who bring them customers who lose money. Brokers spend the next several months manipulating those poor traders into investing additional money to “win back their losses”. This cycle continues until the trader wises up and decides to come to terms with the fact that he has been part of a ruse, where he was the loser.

Who is Professor Simon Crain of 30 Day Change AND 97 Partners?

The voice who speaks to us on the video is clearly a “voice over” actor. We have heard his same voice on multiple other scam videos with attempting his fake British accent. He tells us that he a Professor from a “prestigious Sweedish university”. He also claims to have worked with multiple high-level investment firms. In all of this nonsense, he never once names the university he worked for or any of the investment firms either.

He also claims to have been featured in several prominent investment and financial news publications, yet we can find no evidence of this. A simple google search reveals no one by the name of Simon Crain has ever been included as a financial source of information. It is pretty easy to ascertain that “Professor Simon Crain” is NOT a real person and never has been. He is the fake name used to prop up the real scam artists who created this fake video.

30 Day Change AND 97 Partners User Experience?

Sprinkled throughout the scam promotional video are hired actors who show us “proof” that they have made hundreds of thousands of dollars using this software. Our investigation showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of these people are actors who work for money at Fiverr.com. If you take a quick look at the blond woman below, you can access her acting profile HERE. We have also seen her giving fake testimonials for multiple other scams we have busted.


The screenshots of their loaded accounts are all photoshopped. Not once is any real proof given or show that any of this actually works. There is no logical reason why anyone should invest $250 into a software that doesn’t bother showing any real proof that it actually works. We have been contacted by several day traders that trusted one of the duplicated scams. None of them were able to make any money, worse yet, they all lost their initial investment.

Legitimate Online Earning?

If you are looking for safe ways to make money online, we encourage you to read our review of My Paying Ads. This is our best-reviewed system for earning! Another great trading option for a regulated broker is Forex trading with Tradeo! If you read these reviews and need advice or help, please send us a message!

Before investing with any financial program, you need to be sure to verify your sources and do your due homework. The financial markets online are VERY loosely regulated if at all. Scams are popping up by the thousands and you have a greater chance of getting scammed online than you do of actually making money. We hear from people daily that have lost thousands of dollars. Don’t be one of them!

Is 30 Day Change AND 97 Partners a Scam?

The following facts were proven by our researchers. Please see below!

1. No proof of earnings. All the testimonials were from actors who did not actually test the system.

2. Professor Simon Crain is not a real person. He is simply a fictional character used to sell the scam!

3. Both of these scams are identical, yet go by different names! This is a simple rebranding of the same scam.

We have proven in the above review that 30 Day Change and 97 Partners is a SCAM. 
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