1Cars.cc Review – Hyip Scam Exposed

If you thought you’d finally found a legitimate investment website, you need to read our 1Cars.cc Review before giving them your money! This site is so full of lies and scams, we don’t even know where to start! Make yourself comfortable and read our shocking report before becoming their next victim!

In the last several months we have exposed multiple HYIP scams that prey on desperate people who need to make quick cash. This new investment site, 1Cars.cc HYIP, is brand new and open for business. In just the last two weeks since they have opened their site, they have already gained hundreds of investors and going absolutely viral!

But are they legit and honest? Absolutely not!

If you have already given your money to this site, it’s not too late! Contact us for more information in order to protect yourself from losing thousands of dollars!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://1cars.cc

1Cars.cc Review

1Cars.cc Review

1Cars is a high yield investment program that offers huge ROIs (return on investment) ranging between 160%-175% for relatively small investment amounts. The program is incredibly simple. You chose your plan and deposit money, then just sit back and wait to be paid.

Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is!

1Cars.cc is a fraudulent website that pretends to be a luxury car rental service. How do we know it’s a fraud?

Let’s take a long look at the evidence. First of all, the investment group of 1Cars.cc scam is NOT connected to any real car rental service. After examining the business registration and following the trail of evidence, we were able to determine that there is NO actual car rental location.

Please notice that the site itself gives no evidence to show you that they rent cars. They have lot’s of pictures of cars, but that’s about it. So let’s clear the air. Here are the facts…

The Facts

1Cars.cc lists three different men as having roles in the business. Warren Phelps, Joseph Moore, and William Torres.

All three of the men pictured are stock photo images taken from other sites online. In fact, the photo of “Warren Phelps” has been used by numerous other financial scams, which makes us wonder if they are all produced by the same owner.

1Cars.cc Scam

What’s even more interesting is that neither of these men appears on the business registration. The address listed on the registration is a UK based apartment complex that has nothing to do with either of these three men.

Let’s state that again. The business registration address is NOT a car rental location, but rather an apartment building in the UK.

We see this same scam tactic almost every single time we review a HYIP. They all have false addresses and false details, but few of them have the bravado to include fake names and photos.

User Reviews

1Cars Scam is incredibly new. They have only been open now for a little over two weeks. This means that there aren’t very many user reviews to go on. We are still in the process of collecting your experiences. This means we need your input! If you are working with this scam, comment below or send us an email.

We typically wait for a few months before releasing our review of a HYIP but this one was so clearly a scam we decided to push it out early. The evidence speaks for itself.

1. This is not a luxury car rental service as they do not offer any proof to show a pysical location for their car rental agency.

2. The address in the UK they give is not a business location.

3. The names of the three men who own the site are fake names attached to fake photos taken from the internet.

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Is 1Cars.cc a Scam?

1Cars.cc is a scam of the most dangerous kind. It gives man details to weave a web of lies. All of this is done to trick you into investing. In reality, this site is nothing but a Ponzi scheme that will stop paying once the owner is satisfied he has fleeced as much money out of you as possible.

The sad fact is that many online investors don’t care if the site is lying to them, they just want to get paid. This is the worse kind of ignorance. Step into the light people! Don’t fall for this malignant crap.

If the site is lying to you about the basic details, why do you think they would suddenly become honest and pay you what you are due? Remember, they know you can’t do anything to them if they scam you. They are untouchable, and they know it.

It is possible to earn online but please know there are more scams than there are legitimate sites. Message us anytime for advice or suggestions! Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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