15k in 15 Minutes Scam Review

15k in 15 Minutes Scam Review. Read this review to find out whether 15k in 15 Minutes is a Scam or Legit. In this review we will show you why we believe 15K in 15 Minutes is a Scam!

Is 15k in 15 Minutes a Scam or Legit?

15k in 15 Minutes is an auto trading software that has one of the most ridiculous claims we’ve ever seen in the scamming industry. 15k in 15 Minutes claims that the software can make you 15 thousand dollars in 15 minutes. This is so outrageous and impossible that it would be enough for us to stop right there and call it a scam. Every successful trader can tell you that this is completely impossible. What’s actually going to happen is that you will lose your entire balance in 15 minutes!

In the promotional video for 15k in 15 Minutes we are told that this is a super secret video that will not be opened up to the general public. It’s on youtube as well as a regular website that anyone in the world can access. He tells us that we are the first outsides to be allowed to see his video, but we can see it’s been available on youtube for quite a while. Why lie about something so stupid?

On the bottom of the screen is a plug in that tells us there are only 9 spots left. By the time we are done watching the video, the spots have dropped down to 1. If we reload the page, the spots climb back up to 9 again. This is so stupid. This is just a manipulation strategy designed to make you sign up without putting enough consideration into it.

Is 15k in 15 Minutes a SCAM?

15k in 15 Minutes claims that with their winnings they have purchased this mansion and with luxury cars. They must be dreaming! His house is actually the same house featured in many blogs online as a way to show off your car collection. The creators of 15k in 15 Minutes are living on a pipe dream. They just wish this house were theirs. Check out the link here to see “their house”.

15k in 15 Minutes Scam Review

15k in 15 Minutes Scam Review

At the bottom of the screen we see that they have a Disclaimer but it’s not clickable. This means they didn’t even bother to write anything here. They realize that most people won’t read it anyways, so they just write the title hoping people would think it looked legit. In reality, it’s empty!

Conclusion: 15k in 15 Minutes is a SCAM!

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