154Pack Review: Scam or Successful Revenue share?

Welcome to our 154Pack review and analysis. Included in this report you will find a detailed explanation of how 154Pack.com works and whether it can be trusted or not. We will examine the structure and integrity of this new rev share as well as discuss who created it! If you are currently working with this rev share, please contact us to let us know your personal experience with it. We are still in the process of gathering information which could change our mind regarding this rev share!

If you are brand new to the rev share industry, this all might sound a bit overwhelming to you. However, if you keep reading you will find a very easy to understand explanation of rev shares! If you still have any questions, please send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

So let’s get started!

Official Website: https://154pack.com

154Pack Review

154Pack Review: How Does a Rev Share Work?

154Pack is a rev share. Rev shares are fabulous ways to make money online while advertising for your own online business at the same time. If you don’t have a business to advertise for, you can still make money by purchasing an ad pack earning off of it. This is called an “earning position”. The revenue you receive back on each ad pack you buy comes from the sales of new ad packs by other members. This can be a bad thing if the new sales slow down or stop.

If new ad pack sales cease, you will not earn anything, which is where the risk of rev shares comes from. We have had great success earning money with My Paying Ads, but most rev shares frankly suck. This is because most rev shares have dishonest owners or terrible business plans. Other rev shares just don’t have a large enough membership base to generate enough sales to pay everyone.

Before you sign up with any rev share, make sure to examine it for several important points of success.

154Pack Rev Share Points of Success?

1. Does it have an active and transparent Facebook group? If not, skip it!

154Pack does have an active Facebook group. You can take a look at that and make your own determination. It is not as active as we’d like it to be, but it does appear that the owner and admins are trying to help people and keep information up to date.

2. Do you know who the owner is and is he a real person? If no, skip it!

In the case of 154Pack, the owner is Lucas Hone. He seems like a nice guy and we have nothing bad to say about him. He uses his real name and real contact information and he is truly trying to grow a successful business.

3. Does the rev share have a large and active membership base? Anything less than 5 thousand members is not large enough!

154Pack.com has about 16 thousand members but only a little under 2 thousand of them are paid members. This is a little concerning. We don’t recommend joining rev shares with such a small group of paid members because slow growth means a very high rate of future failure.

We do realize and affirm that any rev share’s success depends on the members attempts at getting others to join. But we also don’t recommend placing your money into something that is just a baby!

4. Does the rev share have a solid business plan with affordable ad packs and modest earnings? If not, skip it!

In the case of this rev share, they offer only 1 ad pack plan to buy. As a member you can buy an unlimited amount of these and earn on each one until it expires. More on this below!

How Much is Each Ad Pack?

154Pack.com offers only 1 ad pack plan. Each ad pack is priced at $10 and earns a total of 154% before it expires. The estimated time before expiration is 30 days. This is pretty standard when it comes to rev shares, although possibly a little on the high side as far as earnings go.

154Pack Scam

Another important thing to note is that 154Pack.com has a monthly membership fee of 5$ which is mandatory to buy if you want to earn money on ad packs! If you allow your membership to expire you will stop earning.

Do I Have to Click 10 Ads in Order to Earn?

Clicking ads is optional. Most rev shares do require you to click at least 10 ads in order to earn. This helps bring traffic to your website and helps make your ad packs actually do something in terms of advertising. We prefer that a rev share require clicking because it fulfills the true purpose of a rev share, which is to allow you to advertise your online business (if you have one).

154Pack also offers the ability to earn money by PTC ads. We don’t recommend wasting your time with this because honestly, you’d have to click thousands of ads a day just to make a few bucks and who honestly has time for that??

Is 154Pack.com Paying?

We haven’t been able to speak to anyone who is actually working with this rev share. This is why we are asking YOU for help! If you are working with them, please drop us an email and share your experience. We haven’t heard any bad OR good things about this rev share, which is why we can’t officially recommend it. There are better options and we are already involved with the best rev share online today, My Paying Ads.

The main problem with rev shares is that while they may be paying for a little while, most of them eventually stop working as time passes. This is due to the nature of how earnings are paid out. The Pyramid scheme is utilized here to pay earnings. The money you receive on your ad packs is actually coming from the sale of new ad packs, which is technically the definition of a Pyramid scam. The difference here is that you are purchasing a service (advertising space). Whether you use this or not is up to you, but since you bought a product, this program is not a Pyramid scheme.

How Can I Find a Trusted Rev Share?

The best rev share on the market today is clearly My Paying Ads. We can’t say enough good things about it. It’s been up and running for almost two years now and has never missed a single withdrawal. We can give you tangible proof if you want it, just send us a message. Make sure to read our review and check out their Facebook page.

If you are interested in earning money by trading Forex online, please visit our Social Trading with Tradeo review to see more about that! In the meantime, please also be aware of other rev share scams, such as ProfitCabinet.com.

Is 154Pack.com a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. However, at this time we DO NOT recommend it. It is too young and too small to ensure future success. If you don’t mind losing and understand the risks go ahead and join, but please make your choice wisely. There are better options as we mentioned above.

Feel free to share our rev share experiences in the comments below! Thank you for reading our 154Pack Review
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  • Ajith Vernekar

    i have invested in bitgrow, bitgarden ,nanohash and bitdoubler they rn’t paying means scam .hw can we get this from scam hw can we get our investment like me lot of internet earners invested in these and more .Their is noway to resolve these problems we r loosing trust on humanity. And these r registered under uk registered company. noedays lot of companies emerging registered under uk company. this means all off are mingeled in these scam .if this continous their is no trust on anybody.