10K Every Day App Review: Richard Banks Scam Exposed Again!

Today only, our 10K Every Day App review will expose and destroy the binary options software scam that uses the SAME actor for two identical scams! Keep reading below to see the evidence we uncovered while we investigated this trading app as well as the user reviews you are looking for.

You are most likely reading this review after receiving an email from someone claiming to have “a secret that will make you money instantly!”. In the case of 10K Every Day App – you are promised to make 10 thousand dollars each day! This sounds like a dream come true, but we assure you, it is nothing but a malicious scam designed to take your hard earned money.

Some of you are probably reading this AFTER losing your money. Please send us an email! We are collecting complaints against this software scam as well as advising people how they can get their money back!

Let’s get started!

10K Every Day App Review

10K Every Day App By Richard Banks

10K Every Day App Review: Exposing the App Scam!

10K Every Day App is a binary options auto trading scam that claims to be able to make you earn 10 thousand dollars each day. Better yet, it wants you to believe that you can make this money while doing absolutely nothing! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

This dangerous trading app, developed by the fake scam artist Richard Banks, is actually designed to lose trades. It does NOT win trades! During the presentation, Richard Banks takes a random man off of the street and convinces him to open a trading account. The camera then watches while this man wins trade after trade until he makes 10 thousand dollars in one day.

Richard Banks then takes us back to his sprawling mansion and sits in front of an immense Christmas Tree while describing how perfect his life is now that he can trade endlessly with his incredibly successful trading app. He wants YOU to believe that he has made so much money that he doesn’t need to work anymore. He can simply lay back and help poor new day traders such as yourself, become a millionaire.

His most audacious claim is that over the course of the last year he has turned 50 helpless people into millionaires all for free! Is this really even true? Later in this review we will show you the REAL user reviews and results of the beta testers!

It is statistically impossible to make 10 thousand dollars from a $250 deposit, as shown in the fake video. This video was produced in collaboration with a scam broker who allowed them to change the results to make it appear to be true. Unregulated brokers will do and say anything to get your money!

Lesson: When you lose your money in binary options trading – the broker MAKES money! If you win trades – the broker loses money! Avoid investing with scam brokers!

Frank Saunders or Richard Banks: The CEO Actor Scam Connection!

As we mentioned briefly above, the 10K Every Day App is just a carbon copy of an older binary options scam called Altronix. We expose that scam last year. We also wrote about the actor “Frank Saunders” who claimed to have helped thousands of people become millionaires with his top secret trading algorthm!

Take a look at the face below! 


Richard Banks Silly Claims

This man claims to be Richard Banks. Who is Richard Banks? He is the alleged creator of 10K Every Day App scam! He is also the SAME actor who called himself Frank Saunders and worked with the scam Altronix. You can see for yourself that both of these men are one and the same. This is now the second confirmed scam that this actor is working with.

Neither Frank Saunders or Richard Banks is a real person. They are an actor who is employed by a private acting agency in California. This man has done commercials and various financial scams. It was after his salcious career acting in scams that he was hired to portray the creator of 10K Every Day App. He is a man who will do and say anything for the money his employer shoves into his pocket.

Lesson: Do NOT trust Richard Banks! He is a con man who will steal your money. He claims to want to help you become rich, but all he has ever done is actively steal from poor people!

User Reviews and Beta Testers

Let’s go over the facts!

1. It is realistically impossible to earn 10K a day. The video in the presentation has been manipulated to appear to earn 10k in one trading day with the help and consent of the unregulated scam broker.

2. Richard Banks – the owner – is NOT a real person. He has previously worked with another known binary options scam and went by the name of Frank Saunders. Do not trust this man!

But what are the real users saying?

A little over a week ago we started receiving the first complaints about 10K Every Day App. Every single person we spoke with described the following experience.

– They received an email telling them to check out the new and amazing way to make thousands of dollars for free.

– After giving their personal details and phone number, they were linked to a broker and required to invest $250. Those that decided NOT to invest were harrassed and bullied by with several phone calls from their broker.

– The first day of automatic trading brought their account from $250 down to $180-$190. This is opposite of the results shown in the video.

– By day 3 they had lost their entire investment. At this point their account manager called them and told them that if they invested additional money they would be handed over to a professional trader who would manage their account for them.

Warning!! We do NOT recommend managed trading accounts with unregulated brokers. This is a fast way to lose your account! They have no interest in helping you make money.

We have not found a single beta tester or day trader that has made money with 10K Every Day App. We are aware that a few devious binary options blogs are recommending this app. Please note. They are only supporting it so that they can take the commission sale! Do not trust them.

Lesson: Nobody has actually made money with this trading app!

Online Earning with a Regulated Broker?

If you are new to trading and need help learning the ropes, we always recommend that you start out with a regulated forex broker. Forex trading is safer and far better than binary options trading! Please check out our complete review of Social Trading with Tradeo for information on how to get started safely!

Another fabulous option that has helped us make a great deal of money is My Paying Ads and the new My Paying Crypto Ads! Take a look at those reviews and message us with any questions!

Is 10K Every Day App a Scam?

After examining all the evidence, it is clear that 10K Every Day App is a SCAM! Do NOT trust this app. If you already signed up, we recommend taking a withdrawal immediately. You will probably have a great deal of trouble withdrawing your money, but do not give up! If you need help, please message us!

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