10 Ads Pay Review: Successful Rev Share or Scam?


Welcome to our review of 10 Ads Pay! This exciting new rev share presents another opportunity to make some extra income by completing about five minutes of daily work.

This exciting new rev share presents another opportunity to make some extra income by completing about five minutes of daily work.

The one thing we love about rev shares is that they present very little risk with very potentially large returns!

However, in order to get the full picture, you need to read our complete investigation into this rev share to see if they are worth your time and money, or not.

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Is 10 Ads Pay a Scam?

10 Ads Pay Scam

The most important question you should ask yourself before opening an account with a rev share is:

Is it a scam?

Aside from this, nothing else really matters!

The answer to this question is hard to pin down.

By themselves, rev shares are not scams. However, some rev share owners are scammers, and therefore their rev share is also a scam.

Unless we are sure the owner is a scammer, we won’t suggest that he is not to be trusted because that would be slander without proof.

The other problem with rev shares, is that they don’t have to be a scam by nature in order to fail.

Rev shares are very risky business ventures. Why?

They are risky because the ad pack earnings that you receive are dependent upon the sale of new ad packs that come after you.

Is 10 Ads Pay a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme?

Yes and No.

Answering this question is incredibly complicated.

The manner in which 10 Ads Pay generates revenue is by the sale of ad packs.

This ad pack money is then disbursed to the paying members based on how many ad packs they themselves have purchased.

If sales for the ad packs stop coming in, the earnings will stop coming in as well, and nobody will get paid.

Paying old members with the money invested by new members is (by nature) a Ponzi scheme.

However, there is a difference between rev shares and Ponzi (pyramid) schemes.

In a rev share, you are not making an investment. You are purchasing an ad pack, with which you can advertise your online business.

Meaning… you are buying a product, not depositing money to be invested.

The way the rev shares makes money is through a pyramid or Ponzi method, but the rev share itself is NOT a pyramid scheme because each time you buy an ad pack you have purchased a tangible product.

Is 10 Ads Pay Paying?

Yes. Since the launch in June 2016, 10 Ads Pay is making good on withdrawals and paying the members.

Whether this continues long term is dependent on new ad pack sales and whether or not the rev share remains a thriving business.

How Can I Make Money with 10 Ads Pay?

 To make money with 10 Ads Pay, you need to start by purchasing any amount of ad packs you wish. Packs start at as little as $2 a piece and go up to $50 a piece.

As you can see from the table below, you will earn a certain percentage based on how many ad packs you buy and in what category you buy from.

10 Ads Pay Review

For example, if you buy 10 ad packs in the personal ad pack plan, you will earn 110% back on each pack.

There is no time limit for when the ad packs have reached their maximum earnings. As soon as you earn the full 110% on each ad pack, they will expire and you will need to repurchase the ad pack in order to continue earning.

Do I Need to Surf Ads with 10 Ads Pay?

Yes. In order to earn money on your ad packs, you must surf 10 ads a day (hence the name of the rev share).

This is relatively easy and only takes up a few minutes of your daily time.

If you fail to click your 10 ads for the day, you will stop earning until you click your ads again.

Is 10 Ads Pay Free?

Yes. This rev share is completely free and does not require a monthly membership fee as some rev shares do.

Don’t be too excited though. In order to earn money, you do have to purchase ad packs.

Many rev shares now require a monthly membership fee in order to maintain a long-term sustainability.

What is the Best Way to Make Money with 10 Ads Pay?

The best strategy for any rev share is essentially the same.

1. Buy as many ad packs as you can afford.

2. Use your earnings from those ad packs to buy new ad packs.

3. Do 100% repurchase with your earnings until you are earning a sizeable daily amount.

4. Tell your friends and family about this opportunity and use your affiliate link in order to make extra earnings.

5. When your account reaches a high enough level, take one withdrawal a week and use the rest of your earnings to purchase new ad packs.

Remember! The secret to making money with a rev share is to grow your account as large as you can buy buying new ad packs whenever you have extra money!

What If I Lose My Money With 10 Ads Pay?

You might lose your money with 10 Ads Pay.

This is a real possibility and one you must be aware of before you start.

Rev shares don’t guarantee you a payout.

They simply give the possibility of earnings IF the business remains intact long term, and if the sales are good.

Never purchase ad packs with money that you can’t afford to lose.

If you choose a rev share with a solid business model, you can expect it to last a few years.

Please don’t put all your hopes into one rev share. Sometimes they do succeed long term and allow you to withdraw thousands of dollars. But often, they do not.

Our favorite rev share has given us the ability to withdraw thousands of dollars, for which we are very pleased.

This is not always the case.

If you want to sign up with 10 Ads Pay, please sign up HERE.

Verdict and Conclusion

We believe that 10 Ads Pay is a decent rev share that may or may not last long term.

We strongly urge you to never spend money you can’t afford to lose.

Remember, as with all rev shares, you are not making an investment.

When you use a rev share, you are buying advertising space in the form of ad packs. Whether you choose to use this space or not is up to you.

Choose your rev share wisely and have fun!